Five Important Projects for the Next Five Weeks

Please contact us right away if you can help with any of them.

“Opportunity is missed by most people, because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work”. Thomas Alva Edison, New Jersey inventor of electric lightbulb, phonograph records, motion pictures, etc.

1. Let our Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo (and the rest of America) know that we are with Ted Cruz and the other principled Republicans who are taking real, effective action to cut spending, de-fund Obamacare, and balance the Federal Budget.

2. Spread the word and turn out the vote out for the special election for U.S. Senate on Wednesday, October 16. For the first time since 1978, Republicans have nominated a conservative candidate–Steve Lonegan.

3. Take part in in the official Somers Point program to remember Richard Somers on Saturday, October 19. We have a second chance to tell the true story of Richard Somers?and to expose the high paid government employees who distort and suppress that story to advance their “progressive”/left agenda.

4. Put Liberty and Prosperity on television. Help us raise the $10,000 needed to run 400 30 second spots on local and cable TV. Our first step is to produce a TV spot. We are now meeting with Here is an example of a 30 second TV spot he produced. If we go on TV, what message would you want to see?

5. There is a very dangerous Public Question on the November 5 Election Ballot. A ?yes? vote would amend the NJ Constitution to force automatic minimum wage hikes every year. This is because:

A. When a minimum wage law forces a business to pay someone more than the value of their work, the business either raises prices, closes to store earlier or cleans it less often and fires the worker or cuts the hours?or the business hires family members or illegal immigrants under the table. None of this is good helps the economy.

B. If the progressive ?left? has the power to win this vote, their next step is the ?fair? wage?increasing the minimum wage to $15 per hour. That would end the American free market economy as we know it and make us as poor at the old Soviet Union, Cuba or any other nation that lived with communism.

C. Constitutions brought more than 350 years of liberty and prosperity to America by limiting the power of government officials, and protecting the right of each individual citizen to make his or her own choices. The change to the NJ Constitution would do the opposite.

D. Previous Constitutions gave citizens the power to repeal or change bad laws by electing new officials. This is not possible when bad laws are made part of the constitution.

E. Right now, 65% of NJ voters support a ?yes? vote. We have six weeks to work with groups like to change this.

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