Getting LOCAL Officials to Enforce FEDERAL Immigration Laws.

?(Second Liberty Principle: Enforce federal immigration laws. No amnesty. Deport illegal aliens.)

Getting LOCAL Officials to Enforce FEDERAL Immigration Laws.

By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist

???Illegal immigration is the most serious problem facing this country.?? Yet except for?Atlantic County Freeholder candidate Joe McDevitt, not a single Republican or Democrat candidate has pledged to have state and local governments enforce immigration laws.?

?? There are 6.6 billion people in the world.?? Most live with misery,?violence and poverty.?? Why????The short answer is that most are from ‘developing’ countries where the folks with power don’t agree with the words of our Declaration of Independence.?? They do NOT find it ‘self-evident’ that all men and women “are created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights,” including “life liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.?? Governments there were NOT?”instituted. . . to secure these rights, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.”?? They don’t have prosperity, because they don’t have liberty!

?? Mexico’s Carlos Slim, who created nothing, is the richest man in the world with $59 billion. ? He has a billion dollars more than America’s Bill Gates who revolutionized computers around the world.?? Each week, millions of Mexicans illegally do unskilled work in our country because guys like Carlos Slim rig the laws to deny them opportunity to advance in their country.?? This is not good for Mexico.?? The money sent home by illegal immigrants in the U.S.?only keeps their rotten government from sinking.?? Ditto for the?rotten and corrupt governments in dozens of other “developing” countries like Pakistan and Bengladesh. ? As things get worse there, more illegal immigrants come here.

?? The world population increased from 3 billion in 1960, to 5 billion in 1980, to 6.7 billion today.???Almost all of that increase was in those “developing” countries that send us the most immigrants.


?? This is not good for America.?? Last week’s riot at the Atlantic County jail was caused by “overcrowding.”???How many Atlantic County jail inmates are illegal immigrants??? When officials in other states checked their jails, they found that 8% (Virginia)?to 37% (Nevada) were illegals.


Galloway and Hamilton Townships ‘need’ big tax hikes for a new high school.???Egg Harbor Township ‘needs’ new schools each year. ? How many new students are illegals??? Atlantic City Medical Center and Shore Memorial ‘need’ millions of ‘charity care’ dollars each year.?? How many patients are illegals?

?? ‘

Smart growth’ charges for water and sewer hookups and permits jacked up prices of most new homes.?? State, county, and local governments are spending fortunes for ‘open space’.?? But without illegal immigrants, we would have plenty of houses without bulldozing a single tree!?? (Worried about who would then mow our lawns, flip our burgers, and scrub our floors????We and our parents worked those jobs when we were young. ? Why not our kids?)


Last week, the Press of Atlantic City reported “20% of the state’s population last year was born in a foreign country, up from 17.5 percent six years ago.”?? It also reported that these immigrants “are less likely than native-born residents to have graduated high school, less likely to speak English, generally earn smaller incomes, and are more likely to live in poverty.”?? The Press did not report how many of these ‘foreign-born residents’ are illegals.?? And it did not say that these immigrants are far more likely to commit violent crimes and deadly traffic accidents.


Immigration laws can only be enforced at the local level.?? Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1996,? lets any state, local, or county law enforcement agency be certified to enforce immigration laws.??

Once a local police, prosecutor’s, and jail officials are certified, they can identify illegal immigrants and report them to federal officials.???Once reported, the feds immediately pick up the tab for housing the illegals, and send a bus to?remove them from local facilities every week.?

?? New Jersey is one of only nine “sanctuary states,”? where not a single state, county, or local agency is certified to enforce immigration laws.?? So far, only Atlantic County Republican freeholder candidate Joe McDevitt has demanded that officials at the Atlantic County jail get 287(g) certified.

?? The election is six weeks away.?? I urge you to ask every candidate for Sheriff, Senate, Assembly, Freeholder, Mayor, Town Council and Committee about his or her plans to certify the County Jail, the Sheriff’s Office, the County Prosecutor, the State Police, or the local police department to enforce immigration laws under 287(g).?? Please let me know what they tell you, so I can inform the rest of the community BEFORE the election.

?? To contact Dr. Gayle Kesselman and NJ Citizens for Immigration Control, click here. ? Learn about legal American citizens from Latin America also want immigration laws enforced. ? Click here for

?? Find out how your local sheriff and police can be trained and certified pursuant to Section 287(g) of the Immigration and Nationality ” Act.?? To learn about Section 287(g), click here.

?? On August 22, 2007, Attorney General Ann Milgram ordered all state, county, and local police NOT to report illegals to federal immigration officials unless they committed a ‘serious’ crime or were drunk driving. ??Click here.

?? United Patriots of America is also fighting to enforce immigration laws in NJ.?? For more information, click here.
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