Google, Facebook, You Tube Have Turned George Orwell’s “1984” Fiction of Future Nightmare Into Today’s Reality.

This invitation to a tutorial on “Understanding Racial Injustice in America” now appear at the top of every YouTube search page.

Last week, one of these videos popped up uninvited several times each day in the timeline of almost every Facebook user in America.  Ironically, many of these videos were blatantly racist themselves!  They falsely stated that whites are rich and “privileged”.  They falsely stated that blacks are poor and deprived.   One video falsely stated that whites attend good schools because they live in more expensive homes that pay higher property taxes.  Blacks were said to attend poor schools that are poorly funded.   Here in New Jersey, the opposite is true.  Almost all of New Jersey’s state income tax now pays for local public schools.  Roughly two thirds of that tax is paid to just 30 mostly black “Abbott” school districts like Pleasantville, Bridgeton and Camden, while only one third is paid to the other 570 districts.  The videos also falsely “explain” that blacks cannot improve their lives unless whites change their behavior.  This is a blatantly racist message, because it implies that that American blacks, unlike every other ethnic and immigrant group in America, have little or no ability or responsibility to improve their own lives.

It is now not possible to browse through Facebook, Google, Twitter, or YouTube, without being confronted “public interest” tutorials that contain a not so subtle a hate-Trump, hate-Republican, hate-America political message.

In 1949, George Orwell published “1984”.  This novel portrayed a frightening future nation of “Oceana” where the government controlled every thought and action of every citizen.  The government did this with a network of informers together with two-way televisions in every room in every building which could not be turned off.  The television, with frequent announcements by “Big Brother”, who ran the government, was the only source of news.  It also announced the only acceptable views for every issue.  However, each television screen also monitored all activity and conversations in the room.

Today, the smart phone and laptop achieve both functions.  Virtually every American carries a smartphone and looks at it many times each day.  When not looking at a smart phone, most Americans watch television or a laptop computer.  During the coronavirus quarantines, Americans relied more on their phones, computers, and televisions than ever before.

Of course, as in all Communist and other dictatorships, the political agenda needed to keep the regime in power would change from day to day.  Therefore a “Ministry of Truth” was needed to change or eliminate all past books, newspapers, and other historical records and monuments to erase any and all evidence of thought or actions that contradicted the current political agenda.  That included eliminating any mention of people whose statements, actions, or ideas were no longer supported by the regime.

The motto and mission of the Ministry of Truth was, “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

Today, Google does this by adjusting is search engines to make it difficult or impossible to find records of events, people, or other information that contradicts or fails to support its current “woke” or “progressive” Democrat agenda.  It often does this with the help of Wikipedia which also systematically erases the mention of any facts, people, or information inconsistent with that agenda.

We have not endorsed, and do not take any position on “The Truth About Vaccines 2020”, the group that sponsored this interview.  However, Zachary Vorhies, a former Google software engineer, is knowledgeable and credible when he describes how Google systematically censors and eliminates from its searches, any news, facts, people, or other information that does not support its “woke” and “progressive” Democrat political agenda.


Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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