“Green” Energy Business Owner Victor Maene Leaves Out Key Facts When Promoting Orsted Ocean Wind

Victor Maene’s Facebook Page brags that he is the principal of three “green” energy companies, was previously a key employee in two others, and used to work for the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.  Maene didn’t mention any of this in the letter he published in the Press of Atlantic City last Saturday promoting the Orsted Ocean Wind Turbines.  There, he referred to himself only as a sailor and fisherman.

Here’s the whole truth:

Click here for link to complete letter by Victor Maene last Saturday, August 7–and instructions on how to respond to it by getting your own letter published!

Last Saturday, Ventnor resident Victor Maene published a letter “Many Advantages From Offshore Wind Power” in the Press of Atlantic City.  In it, he misrepresented opponents of the Governor Murphy/Orsted plan to build 99 wind turbines 15 miles off the beaches of Atlantic City and Ocean City, NJ.  The project will cost far more than the $1.6 billion they are now admitting to. It will be paid for by massive tax and rate hikes—not by electricity produced by the project.

Here is what you need to know about the project, and about Victor Maene.

  1. Victor Maene claimed he wrote the letter as a “sailor”, a “fisherman” and as a “marine biologist”.   Maene “forgot” to mention that he is a “green” energy profiteer.  His Facebook page disloses that he is a principal of Mister Energy LLC, a propaganda outlet for Orsted.  He is also a principal of Endless Solar LLC and Solar Island LLC.   He is also a former “Environmental Chemist” for the Atlantic County Utilities Authority.  He spent much of his career profiting from the “green” energy scam.


  1. Maene claimed that “the 5 GE wind turbines” in Atlantic City “produce millions of kilowatt hours per year” and “saved taxpayers millions of dollars in last 15 years while helping keep the air and water clean”. Maene conveniently “forgot” to mention that much, if not most wind energy is wasted.  This is because the grid (like every appliance plugged into it) needs a constant, even, flow of electricity.  Your toaster oven will not work or burn out if it gets anything other than 12.5 amps and 120 volts when you plug it in.  Because wind, solar, and lightning electricity is unpredictable and unreliable, much, if not most of it is wasted.  When there is too much, it is dumped so as not to fry the grid.  Meanwhile, the electric company is forced to constantly burn nuclear or fossil fuel backup generators to be ready for when the wind slows down or stops blowing.   After more than a hundred years of research, our best engineers still do not know how to store enough electricity to power a grid.


  1. All this was explained in great detail by Michael Shellenberger when he spoke at the Ocean City Music Pier last July 15. Shellenberger explained that “green” energy is expensive and wasteful because it requires two separate grid systems.  A “green” grid that is unreliable must always have a duplicate fossil fuel or nuclear grid to back it up.  Shellenberger pointed out that a nuclear powered grid is much cheaper because there is no need for a backup system.


  1. Government officials, the media, and proponents of “green” energy refuse to disclose how much “green” energy is dumped and the cost of backup systems.


  1. New Jersey state government fools people into thinking “green” energy pays for itself by forcing electric companies to pay huge sums to owners of wind turbines and solar panels. However, very little of that money comes from the value of electricity produced by wind turbines and solar panels.  Most of that money comes from government taxes or hidden fees that are added to every electric bill.  That is why New Jersey and other states with lots of “green” energy programs pay the highest electric bills in America.


  1. How can we learn the true cost of “green” energy? We need colleges like Stockton University to pursue real science—not simply promote political agendas.   Professors and students at Stockton University‘s $39.5-million Unified Science Center can easily do that research.  They can easily run cables from Atlantic City’s five wind turbines to see how well they can power classrooms and dormitories at Stockton.  Or they can install meters to monitor the data.  Or they can install experimental wind turbines on campus.  Shouldn’t they do it before we build 99 wind turbines 15 miles out in the ocean at more than $16 million each?

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