Green Ponzi Scheme, Violence Normalization, Border Invasion, Holy Week Tradition.

Show notes from latest Seth Grossman appearance on the John Demasi WPG radio show of April 9, 2022. Listen to the podcast:

Five wind turbines in Atlantic City. An experiment to see if they can power 2,500 homes? How about the ACUA or a few Stockton facilities? Are they afraid to measure? What if the wind stops? Can solar panels cook a pizza?

Homeowners with solar panels: NJ state law says electric company has to pay retail price for that solar panel produced power. Another Ponzi Scheme? More razzle dazzle.

Holy week. Basic Judeo Christian values.

Passover & Easter traditions. The story of Palm Sunday. The meaning of these holidays. Memories of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Easter Parade.

Tolerating Violence.

Black redneck culture and southern whites. Will Smith slap of Chris Rock. Getting easily offended.

Church basketball game incident. Kids attacked a referee for his unpopular call. Normalization of violence.

Race doesn’t separate Americans, it’s culture. Silence of the media. Cover-up by local newspapers.

Southern Border Invasion.

Democrats need millions of new voters. Illegal aliens being shipped to interior of America. Control of elections.

It’s not immigration of refugees, it’s a southern border invasion.

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