Culture of Crime, Wind Turbine Fail, CRT Hate, Twitter up for grabs.

Some topics covered by Seth Grossman on the recent Dan Klein WOND radio show. April 20, 2022.

Real Estate and the American Dream. Dangerous un-livable neighborhoods.

Culture of crime, drug addiction and homelessness. No sense of personal responsibilty.

Wind turbines. Solar panels. Green energy scheme. Stockton should power their buildings and dorms with power generated by wind turbines.

Radicalized, Brooklyn man shoots at white people in the subway. Black man who drove vehicle thru a Christmas parade, targeting and killing white elderly and white children. Mainstream media virtually ignored this story.

Hatred coming from CRT, Critical Race Theory.

Fear of Cancel Culture. 1st Amendment under attack from radical left and dishonest media.

Twitter up for grabs. Elon Musk wants free speech on that social media platform.

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