Hard Rock Goes Woke, What Is A woman?


Seth Grossman on John DeMasi WPG Radio. June 10, 2023.

Trump vs DeSantis. Legal issues with Trump

FBI weaponized. Hillary Clinton. Trump dithered. Eventually fired Comey of FBI.

Deep State back stabber, Chris Christie, recommended Chris Wray.

Offshore wind propaganda.

Democrats pushing climate crisis supported by China.

China still using fossil fuel. Building coal plants.

Killing whales. Harming marine life.

Chinese spy balloon. Arson. Fires. Unprecedented. Canada.

What Is A Woman? from Matt Walsh.

Mutilation of children. Sex change operations.

Chairman of Hard Rock goes woke.

Jim Allen: Replace white executives with POC?

As a white guy, Allen not qualified.

ESG score. Black Rock. Woke Agenda. Kills business and stock price.





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