Has the IRS violated the law?

Our first of eight liberty principles is:

Make all laws and taxes fair and simple.? Apply them equally to everyone.

There is evidence to indicate that our complex tax laws are/were applied unequally giving more scrutiny to tea party groups, than what is given to non-tea party groups.?? Representative Mike Kelly of PA had a wonderful exchange with an IRS representative that points out the unjust situation and gives voice to the sentiments of? many in our country.?? The Blaze reports:

Kelly took his time during the hearing on the IRS?s targeting of conservatives to lambaste outgoing head Steven Miller, reminding Miller that while the IRS would like to chalk the organization?s recent actions up to a mistake, regular Americans do not get that luxury when dealing with the IRS.

?If you think it?s uncomfortable sitting over there you ought to be a private individual when the IRS is across from you asking you questions,? Kelly began, and that set the tone for the subsequent four minutes.

Some of the highlights:

? ?I have a grandson who?s afraid to get out of bed at night because he thinks there?s someone under the bed that?s going to grab him. And I think most Americans feel that way about the IRS.?
? ?This kind of reconfirms that, you know what, they [the IRS] can do almost anything they want to anybody they want, anytime they want. This is very chilling for the American people.?
? ?This is a Pandora?s Box that has been opened and I don?t think we can get the lid back on it.?
? ?I don?t believe the White House just found out about this in a news report.?
? ?I got to tell you, where you?re sitting, you should be outraged ? and you?re not. The American people should be outraged, and they are.?
? ?This reconfirms everything the American public believes! This is a huge blow to the faith and trust the American people have in their government!?
? ?Is there any limit to the scope of where you folks can go??
? ?It?s sure as hell intimidating. And I don?t? know that I got any answers from you today.?
? ?I am more concerned today than I was before. The fact that you all can do just about anything you want to anybody. You know, you can put anybody out of business that you want anytime you want.?
? ?And when the IRS comes in, you?re not allowed to be shoddy, you?re not allowed to be run horribly, you?re not allowed to make mistakes, you?re not allowed to do one damn thing that doesn?t come in compliance. If you do, you?re held responsible right then.?
? ?This is absolutely an overreach and this is an outrage for all America!?

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