Help us win “strong support” for President Trump’s immigration policies.

Help us win ?strong support? for President Trump?s immigration policies.?? Donald Trump is the first President since John Kennedy in 1963 to respect and enforce immigration laws.? This is the main reason he is so viciously and relentlessly attacked, ridiculed, and lied about every day.? No President since Abraham Lincoln has been put through such abuse.?

Trump is attacked and ridiculed every day by most leading newspapers and TV networks, public schools and colleges, and the Hollywood/entertainment pop-culture.? At the same time, he is attacked by and socialist, Communist, and Islamic governments and international organizations around the world.

Hardly anybody is defending Trump other than a handful of conservative blogs like Breitbart and Drudge, talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Michael Savage.??? And ordinary people like us.

Although establishment media claim Trump is hopelessly unpopular, reliable polls like show a most closer struggle.?? Rasmussen shows 45% of Americans now think America is ?heading in the right direction?, as opposed to only 30% who felt that way under Obama.? More than 69% of Americans see America as a ?special place?, up from 57% two years ago, under Obama.?? More than 86% say they are ?proud to be American?.?? Some 52% of eligible voters ?approve of Trump?s job performance? while 48% disapprove.

But Rasmussen also shows trouble.? The relentless daily attacks are causing Trump to lose ?strong support? for his policies.??? On January 26, before Trump announced his Executive Orders suspending immigration from seven countries with high terror threats, 44% of voters ?Strongly Approved? Trump?s performance, while 31% ?Strongly Disapproved?.?? Less than 3 weeks later, only 37% ?Strongly Approve?, while 39% ?Strongly Disapprove?.??? Click here for

A non-partisan group called is organizing two days of ?Spirit of America? rallies around America to show support for Trump.? One day is Monday, February 27.? The other is Saturday, March 4.?? Click for contact information.?? The New Jersey contact is Barb Gonzalez at Central Jersey residents can also contact Bill Haney at 609-668-4827 and

Right now, there is one New Jersey rally is scheduled on Monday, February 27, from 4 to 6PM, at the Shoprite at 3120 State Route 35, in Hazlet NJ.?? There are also plans to follow that rally with a demonstration in nearby Red Bank protest their proposed Criminal Magnet (Sanctuary) status.?? Invited speakers include candidate for Governor, Assemblyman Jack Ciatterelli (R 16) and Chris Stigall of WPHT AM 1210 in Philadelphia.? All attendees are asked to bring Trump signs.

If you would like to organize a rally or other event closer to Atlantic City, please contact us.? Thanks.? Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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