Highlights Of September 4 Ceremony To Remember “Cancelled” Barbary Wars & Local Hero Richard Somers.

Photos below submitted by Rosemarie Martelli of Little Egg Harbor Township and Despina Protesto of Somers Point, NJ.

Above:  Ken Blankenbuehler and Ron Byrd of of Amvets Post 911 in Somers Point presents the colors to begin. The event took place by the mural and statue dedicated to Richard Somers by the Somers Point branch of the Atlantic County Library at 801 Shore Road, in Somers Point, New Jersey.

Below:  Standing head and shoulders above the others in front row from left to right:  Molly Pugliese, in blue dress, her grandfather Rich Gisondi in blue shirt, and Somers Point City Council President Janice Johnston. Molly Pugliese sand The Star Spangled Banner, our current national anthem.  She also read Columbia The Gem of the Ocean as a poem.  That song was written and performed in Philadelphia shortly after the Barbary Wars.  It became America’s unofficial national anthem until replaced by The Star Spangled Banner in 1931.

Above:  Seth Grossman, Executive Director, explains that this is the 18th presentation Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. has made on September 4 to remember Richard Somers.  Every presentation was different, and had a different theme.  This year’s theme was why the story of Richard Somers is “cancelled”, and no longer told by our public schools, colleges, media, or Hollywood and TV entertainment.  Americans are being taught hate-America propaganda instead of honest history to promote a hate-America political agenda.  That propaganda systematically “cancels” and erases any mention of good and positive Americans who promoted traditional American values and did great things in the past.

Above: Playwright Linda Severt of Egg Harbor Township wrote “Young Richard Somers”, a series of dramatic readings to present the story of Richard Somers.  We are hopeful that these readings can be performed on a regular basis by local schools, libraries, and historical societies.

Above:  Paul Klepacki of Mays Landing and Rosemarie Martelli of Little Egg Harbor Township read the parts of Grandfather and Grandmother Somers.

Above:  Brian Fitzherbert of Egg Harbor Township reads the part of Richard Somers.

Above:  Seth Grossman, Executive Director of Liberty and Prosperity, with Millville artist Maryann Cannon.  Maryann was commissioned to paint the Richard Somers Mural on the side of the Somers Point Branch of the Atlantic County Library seven years ago.

Below:  Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew.  Van Drew  has been a regular participant of our September 4 ceremonies to remember Richard Somers since our first ceremony in 2004.  That ceremony observed the 200th year since Richard Somers died in Tripoli.  At that time, Van Drew was a Democratic State Assemblyman representing Cape May and Cumberland counties.

Above:  View of roughly one third of the crowd.

Below:  Flyer announcing our September event.

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