Honest Conversations About Race In America Essential But Forbidden

Just over three years ago, Law Professor Amy Wax published this opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer.  It explained how cultural differences, not race or racism, caused disparities between blacks and whites in America.  Although nobody questioned her facts or statistics supporting her arguments, Amy Wax was falsely denounced as a “racist” and barred from teaching in spite of her tenure at the University of Pennsylvania.  Click photo or here for link to article.

In 1997, President Clinton and other leading Democrats set up a number of public forums for a “National Conversation About Race In America”.

However, these conversations were not what Democrats wanted or expected.  Many whites and Asians spoke of hardships and obstacles they faced and how they studied, worked and saved to overcome them.  Many spoke of the unfair discrimination of “affirmative action” and “diversity” quotas.  Many blacks also spoke out against those programs.  They claimed that America already offered ample opportunities to people of all races and ethnic backgrounds and that racial preferences discouraged and cheapened real achievements by blacks.

Democrats responded by shutting down all open and honest conversations about race in America.  They only permitted controlled, one-way “conversations” that promoted their political agenda.  They only wanted “conversations”  that falsely blamed whites and white “racism” for every problem in the black community, and where whites apologized for their “guilt”.  Democrats benefit from tension and misunderstanding between blacks and whites by routinely getting 95% of the black vote.

During the past few years, Democrats used their control of the media, Facebook, Twitter, public schools and Hollywood and TV entertainment to make things even worse.  Now falsely claim that anyone who even suggests that blacks may have some responsibility for our racial problems is a “racist”, “Nazi”, or “white supremacist” who must be silenced and punished.

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  1. DEMOCRAT LIE:   Even though slavery ended in America 155 years ago, blacks have fewer opportunities, lower incomes, and less wealth than whites because of “systemic” or “institutional” racism by “privileged” whites”.

TRUTH:  Differences in culture, not race, explain most of the disparities between blacks and whites in America today since the 1960’s.   This was best explained by University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax in this 2017 opinion piece published in the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The American Dream was built on a ‘bourgeois culture’.  That culture laid out the script we all were supposed to follow: Get married before you have children and strive to stay married for their sake. Get the education you need for gainful employment, work hard, and avoid idleness. Go the extra mile for your employer or client. Be a patriot, ready to serve the country. Be neighborly, civic-minded, and charitable. Avoid coarse language in public. Be respectful of authority. Eschew substance abuse and crime.”

Click here for the full article.  https://www.inquirer.com/philly/opinion/commentary/paying-the-price-for-breakdown-of-the-countrys-bourgeois-culture-20170809.html#loaded

Shortly after publication of this opinion piece in 2017, Democrats falsely accused Amy Wax of being a “racist”, even though all of her statements were supported by facts and statistics.  Even though she was a tenured professor, she was barred from teaching classes and forced into early retirement.

  1. DEMOCRAT LIE:  Blacks like Ben Carson, Diamond and Silk and Clarence Thomas are “Uncle Toms”, who do not speak for black people.  They and any other black who believes America is a good country that has been fair to them, or who supports Republicans is disloyal to every other black American.  (Actual Facebook posts from November 18, 2020 copied below)

Rudy White Uncle Ben Carson, Diamond and Silk, Uncle Clarence Thomas

Seth Grossman Rudy White Somehow, I think you never read the book “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” or learned how popular plays and songs based on that book turned most white Americans in North against slavery in 1850s. You also don’t know how Communists hijacked Civil Rights movement in 1960s by inventing term “Uncle Tom” to ridicule the most productive, successful, and effective black leaders in America. Libertyandprosperity.com

  1. DEMOCRAT LIE:  All white Americans living in America today enjoy wealth and success  because of work done by black slaves in the South without pay between 1619 and 1865. (Actual Facebook post copied below).

Dewayne Yaounde  The government, insurance companies, stock exchange, banks, the church clergy and people. The whole damn United States of America are guilty and the list is way longer.

TRUTH:  For years before the Civil War, many visitors to both regions, including escaped slave Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, and those quoted by historian Stanley Harrold in his 2010 book Border War “noticed the prosperity of the free labor north and the dismal condition of the slave south”.

At the end of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln correctly observed in his Second Inaugural Address in 1865, that whatever wealth was created “by the bondsman’s 250 years year of unrequited toil” was destroyed by the war to end slavery.  Most of the major cities, factories, and railroads in the South were destroyed.  It took years for the North to pay off the war debt and military pensions and to make of for years of lost production caused by the war.

The most comprehensive study of the economic cost of the Civil War was done by Claudia Goldin and Frank Lewis in 1975 and 1978. Keep in mind, however, that because of the fragmented data available from those times and even the uncertainty of that data, no matter which study or figures are presented, they are at best only rough estimates. According to the work done by Claudia Goldin and Frank Lewis, the direct costs include the following estimations in 1860 dollars:

  • Government Expenditures – $2.3 Billion for the North and $1 Billion for the South
  • Property Destruction – $0 for the North and $1.5 Billion for the South
  • Loss of Human Capital – $1.1 Billion for the North and $767 million for the South

Since the population of the South was much less than that of the North, on a per capita basis, the Civil War cost the South about $375 per person while in the North it was approximately $150 per person.

Human Costs: Union – 370,000 lives  Confederate – 258,000 lives

Click here for complete summary posted by WhatItCosts.com.

  1. DEMOCRAT LIE:  America was an evil country for permitting blacks to be slaves until 1865, and all whites living in America today share that guilt.  (Copies of Facebook posts from November 18, 2020 copied below):

Aprill Marshall I always ask myself what kind of human beings do this to other humans….evil, wicked and maybe demonic.

Andrew Ashfords We black people want to get paid for 400 years of work. They have paid everyone but black people we want our money. Black people put him in office and we are going to send him a bill.we are working on away for them to pay us. It is going to take 2 years for us to get it done. But we will. Mary Magdalena joyful temple of faith members supports that. Bishop Ashfords.

Barry Jenkins This is America we are owed reparations and land and so much more. It’s time to pay up!

Response by Seth Grossman to Barry Jenkins  You were never a slave. I never owned slaves. I owe you nothing. You have more opportunity in this country than any descendants of the blacks in Africa who captured and sold your ancestors into slavery hundreds of years ago. Libertyandprosperity.com

Barry Jenkins to Seth Grossman:  Stfu

TRUTH:  Abraham Lincoln’s “Cooper Union Speech” of 1860 proved that most of the Founding Fathers supported the gradual elimination of slavery, and drafted our U.S. Constitution to bring about its “ultimate extinction”.  The newly formed Republican Party bypassed better known candidates to nominate Lincoln for President because of that speech.

The invention of the cotton gin, and demand for cotton by new British factories suddenly made cotton and slavery obscenely profitable in the early 1800s.  As a result, slavery in the south did not die out, but expanded and became even more brutal.  This caused outrage and political and economic opposition to slavery by whites in the free states of the North.  This is explained and documented in the 2010 book “Border War” by respected Civil War historian Stanley Harrold.

During the 1840s and 1850s, opponents of slavery in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois ruined severely damaged slave economies of Maryland, Virginia, Kentucky, and Missouri.  They did it by organizing and supporting the “underground railroad” which helped large numbers of slaves escape.  They also defied federal “fugitive slave laws” by refusing to return runaway slaves.  This had a devastating economic effect on banks and insurance companies that financed and insured slaves as well as on slaveowners themselves.

At the same time, white opponents of slavery formed the Republican Party to stop the expansion of slavery into western territories.   When Republican Abraham Lincoln won the election to become President in 1860, eleven southern states tried to quit the United States to preserve slavery there.  During the next four years, roughly two million whites in the North fought, and more than 210,000 died to preserve the Union and end slavery.

  1. DEMOCRAT LIE:  White Europeans began and expanded the enslavement of black Africans, and bear special guilt and responsibility.

TRUTH:  The mass enslavement of black Africans began with the Arab conquest of North Africa in the 700s.   Most captured blacks were marched across the Sahara desert to the North African slave trading centers of Tangiers, Algiers, Tunis, and Tripoli. Others were brought to Zanzibar in East Africa.   The Arabic word for slave, “Abd” or “Abeed” also means black African. There are few descendants of those slaves in Arab countries today because most black men were castrated, and most babies of black slave women were killed at birth.  Only a small percentage of black slaves captured by Arab save traders were brought to North America.  Most were sold to slaveowners in Brazil or island in the Caribbean.

However, the bigger truth is that during the past four hundred years, people in almost every nation and of every race have been both oppressors and victims.  Four hundred years ago, the Powhattan, Pequot, Commanche, and Iroquois Indians were attacking, killing, and enslaving other native Americans from neighboring tribes.  So were the Zulu in Africa, and most nations in what are now China and Japan.

What makes America special is that we were one of the first nations in history to stop doing those things and to create a new nation “conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition” that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights. Christians in Europe and America began the worldwide movements to end slavery.  Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey were among the first to aggressively fight to end slavery in America.

Copies of more Facebook posts and comments on race:

  • Ronless Duncan to Seth Grossman:  People had various reasons for fighting in that war. It wasn’t because they had love for a helpless people, it was because some did not want to see the United States broken up into separate parts, not about freeing slaves

Seth Grossman to Ronless Duncan I can’t blame you for believing that thoroughly fake history of US Civil War. It has been taught by Democrats since Woodrow Wilson wrote “Division and Reunion” in 1893 and “History of the American People” in 1906. They were basis of racist 1915 Hollywood movie “Birth of a Nation”.  That one Hollywood movie completely rewrote Civil War history for most Americans and revived KKK overnight. First steps to learning truth: Read original sources like popular songs and plays in North at time. The “ordinances of secession” explaining why southern whites hated northerners so much for voting Republican. Secondary history: Border War: Book of forgotten 1840 to 1860 campaign by northern whites to make slavery unprofitable in Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland & Delaware by helping massive numbers of slaves escape. Libertyandprosperity.com

Bobby Smith The Jews was putting us up for sale.

Reply by (accidentally deleted) to Bobby Smith  this may be misinformation; the JEWS have been oppressed & in bondage in Egypt for 400; years and by Hitler in the Hallocaust like Black AMERICANS and Africans for centuries by Europeans. Imperialism and colonialism was used for these nation’s to get wealth and at the same time denigrated the oppressed people in every way. The Jews help in the founding of the NAACP to gain civil rights for BLACK AMERICANS because of their own subjugation of SLAVERY and exploitation. God chose the JEWS to be His people and His Son Jesus was born in the Family of Abraham and the Son of David and is the Son of God. God has chosen now to liberate and bless BLACK AMERICANS after over 400 years of oppression and SLAVERY LYNCHINGS POLICE Brutality and many injustices. God loves everyone and we are all connected with him as a result of Creation…God made us…male and female..Adam and Eve. Our redemption must come through JESUS Christ the only Savior of the World .

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