Housing, ORSTED, Grooming of Children.

Major problems at the Atlantic City Housing Authority.

Stanley Homes. Public housing is a disaster. Government owns your house.

Seth Grossman is featured guest on WPG John DeMasi radio show of Sept. 9, 2023

Eviction issues.

Seth on AC Council in 1986: AC Zoning Law

We made housing unaffordable. Socialism.

Beware of sexual grooming of children. Especially in the media.

Victim mentality. Toxic white men.

Labor unions. Mass Immigration. Illegals taking jobs.

Migrants. Asylum Claims. Amnesty. Blue cities will suffer the most.

Strangers in our own country.

Wind turbines. Don’t stop the pressure.

ORSTED stock is plummeting. Business model is failing everywhere.

Expensive corrupt distraction.

Green Energy is all about control.

The Story of Richard Somers.

Remembering Liberty and Prosperity’s Michael Smith.

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