NAACP Ignores Real Issues Facing Black Americans At Atlantic City Convention

Above Featured Image:  NAACP Media Release Identifies Four “Pressing Issues Facing Black Communities In America”.  They are “voter suppression, student debt, police brutality and reproductive rights.”

Originally posted in American Thinker on July 16, 2022.  Click Here for link to original post.  How the NAACP Lets Down American Blacks – American Thinker

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is holding its 113th National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Its media release claims its “workshops and discussions” will “promote solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing Black communities.”  It identified four of those issues as “voter suppression, student debt, police brutality and reproductive rights.”

Do those four issues relate to any of the real causes of unequal poverty, violence, and misery in Black communities today?

Don’t Black Americans consistently vote in higher number than almost any other racial or ethnic or racial group in almost every election?  Isn’t most “student debt” incurred by white students who obtain masters and doctorate degrees?  And besides, isn’t “student debt” really a secondary issue?  Aren’t obscenely high and unsustainable college tuitions and fees the real problem?

Is “police brutality” the cause of violence and anger in Black communities?  Or are police called in to deal with the violence and anger of far too many young black men?  Thomas Sowell described and explained them in his 2005 book Black Rednecks and White Liberals.

Finally, why are “reproductive rights” a “pressing issue” for Black Americans.  In 2017, the most recent year I could document, there were 851,000 abortions and 3,855,500 live births in America.  Roughly 18% of all pregnancies in America ended with an abortion.  However, among Black Americans, there were 295,000 abortions and 870,000 live births.  Roughly 34% of all Black pregnancies ended in abortion. How have black communities benefitted from this since 1973?  Supporting “reproductive rights” mean opposing a movement that questions and seeks to limit mass produced abortions used as birth control, including barbaric abortions in the eighth and ninth months of pregnancy?  How does that benefit Black communities?

Meanwhile, these four issues seem far more pressing:

1. More than 64% of all Black children in America are raised in one-parent families. That is more than three times higher than the percentage of one-parent households for any other racial or ethnic group in the world.

2.  Each year, roughly 10,000 Black Americans are murdered or otherwise deliberately killed each year, almost entirely by other Black Americans.

3. According to the Department of Education’s National Assessment of Educational Progress, 84 percent of Black students lack prohficiency in mathematics and 85 percent of Black students lack proficiency in reading skills.

4.  Almost every NAACP workshop and discussion in some way blames whites for every failure of blacks to achieve equality in America.  Stephen R. Covey in his book The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People observed that most people who succeed in reaching their goals are “pro-active.”  They focus on things they can control, such as their attitude, education, skills to learn, enthusiasm, habits, useful hobbies, etc.   Those who fail tend to be “reactive” and blame others for their situation.  Are the NAACP and white and Black Democrats promoting a “reactive” culture of failure in the black community?

Why does the NAACP promote issues that are harmful or irrelevant to Black communities while completely ignoring issues that must be addressed to fix their problems?

Is it because the NAACP is run by leaders who are advancing their personal careers at the expense of most Black Americans?  How many have well-paid jobs with government agencies or businesses because of politics, or “diversity” preferences or set-asides?  Do their personal careers depend on electing “woke” Democrats and weak Republicans who will continue these programs?  Were the four issues identified as “most pressing” at this year’s convention selected because Democrat political consultants say they the party needs them to win this year’s mid-term elections?

Why does the NAACP deliberately ignore the real issues facing most Black Americans?  Is it because doing so would lose votes for Democrats?  Does that explain why the NAACP is doing more to protect highly paid white liberal teachers, professors, and their unions than to educate Black students?

Is it also because NAACP leaders are afraid to take on the entertainment industry and Hollywood celebrities who exploit and profit from the Black gangster and drug culture?  Are they afraid to oppose America’s enemies in Communist China and the Islamic world who are spending millions to divide and destroy America?

Finally, is it possible that most NAACP leaders and Black politicians have no real interest in ending unequal poverty and violence in Black communities?  Are they afraid of losing their privilege as powerful, and well-paid leaders, if most American blacks are educated, prosperous, and self-reliant?

In 1911, Robert Michels wrote Political Parties. A Sociological Study of the Oligarchical Tendencies of Modern Democracy, an iconic book that addresses this issue. It explains how the elites who run large political, labor, and social organizations eventually promote their own personal interests at the expense of the people they claim to represent.

The same can be said about the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) and HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society).  These two so-called Jewish organizations consistently promote programs and policies harmful to Israel and most Jews.  Most labor unions do the same when they promote “woke” Democrat policies like massive legal and illegal immigration which lowers wages and raises taxes and living expenses for their members.

This year’s NAACP Convention received generous financial support from America’s biggest corporations.  They include Ford, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Air B&, AT&T, Culinary Institute of America, McDonalds, UPS, CocaCola, Google, Honda, Prudential, State Farm, Walmart, and many more.  By doing this, these companies either raise the prices they charge their customers, or reduce what they pay their investors.  The white executives of these companies claim they are promoting “equity” and making up for past injustice to Black Americans when they do this.  However, they are only making things worse. is a tax-exempt, non-political education organization of roughly 200 citizens who mostly live near Atlantic City, New Jersey.  We formed this group in 2003. We volunteer our time and money to maintain this website. We do our best to post accurate information. However, we admit we make mistakes from time to time.  If you see any mistakes or inaccurate, misleading, outdated, or incomplete information in this or any of our posts, please let us know. We will do our best to correct the problem as soon as possible. Please email us at or telephone (609) 927-7333.

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