How to take NJ back from the despots? England’s Oliver Cromwell figured it out 362 years ago

By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist
??? More than 2/3 of Americans today believe that our country is on the wrong track.?? But they don’t think they can do much about it.?? Many keep quiet or make friends with politicians, so they can beg for some job, contract, permit or other favor.?? Who can blame them???

??? In Atlantic County, Republicans McCullough and Blee all voted with Democrat Whelan to abolish the death penalty in New Jersey.?? Republicans and Democrats both backed the 9% hike in public employee pensions, and 10 weeks paid family leave.

??? What is the point of voting Democrat or Republican??? What is the point of local “taxpayer” and “concerned citizen” groups??? They sign petitions, pack council chambers, and bring lawsuits.?? But in the end, they change nothing.?? What can we do?

??? The people of England had the same problem 365 years ago.?? In those days, King Charles and the nobility (gentlemen) ran the country and ignored the rights of most citizens.

??? Under the English Constitution, people could not be taxed without the vote of Parliament.?? But King Charles and his nobles used gimmicks to get around the Constitution.?? Instead of “illegally” raising taxes, they “legally” got their money by hiking tolls, creating new penalties and fines, and selling and leasing government property and permits.

??? When the people objected, the King’s soldiers arrested them.
Parliament created its own army to fight back, but its soldiers were defeated.

??? In 1644, a small town Puritan leader named Oliver Cromwell recognized the problem, and came up with the solution.?? Cromwell understood that the king’s army was led by “gentlemen’s sons and persons of quality” who had been taught the skills of warfare since childhood.?? Parliament’s soldiers, who worked their own small farms, or were?craftsmen, tradesmen, or laborers had none of those skills.????

??? According to Oliver Cromwell, the common people of England could never be free citizens until they also learned and practiced the skills of war.?? In January of 1645, Oliver Cromwell built a “New Model Army” from the ground up.?? He dismissed all “gentlemen” officers, and put new common people in command.?? In Cromwell’s words,

?”I’d rather have a plain, russet-coated captain that knows what he fights for, and loves what he knows, than that which you call a gentleman and is nothing else.”

??? The new officers were chosen by merit alone, and not on wealth or family connections.?? His top commanders included a lawyer, a butcher, a brewer and a shoemaker.?? He worked with them to create a new training manual, and rigorous course of field training.?? All soldiers were given new red coats so nobody would be judged by clothing.?? Discipline was strict, but morale was high because everyone knew the rules and was treated equally.

??? Cromwell was ridiculed by most military “experts”.?? But that summer, his “butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers” destroyed the king’s strongest armies.???

??? Today’s media often describe political campaigns as horse races where the best horse wins.?? It is true that many candidates run their campaigns that way-which is why they usually lose.?? Most winners run their campaigns like wars.?? And they apply the special skills and disciplines found in most winning political campaigns.

??? As in Cromwell’s day, few ordinary people know what it takes to win political power.?? But the “gentlemen” of both parties have practiced these skills since childhood.

??? Ex-sheriff Gerard Gormley and his friends taught son Bill Gormley.?? Chuck Worthington and his friends taught daughter Meg Worthington.?? Ditto for young George W. Bush, and? Tom Kean, Jr.?

??? What can we commoners do??? You can learn and practice the
skills, techniques, and disciplines to win an election, quicker than
Cromwell’s men learned how to win a war.?? But you must start now.?? For more information search the internet or contact me for help through Many consultants offer very affordable and convenient “boot camps” at convenient times around the country.??

??? You need not be an “independent” or form a new political party.?? You would be a fool to try.?? Because of low turnouts, it is easier to win a Republican or Democratic party nomination in the June? 3, 2008? primary, than to create a new party from scratch.

??? But hurry!?? The “gentlemen” have been organizing since
Thanksgiving, so you must start now to catch up.?? Your signatures, nominating petitions, organization, and finances must be ready by April 7.??
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