Ideals of liberty, prosperity being consumed by the Tapeworm Economy

Ideals of liberty, prosperity being consumed by the Tapeworm Economy
By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist

(Reprinted from September 15, 2010 Current-Gazette Newspapers of Atlantic and Cape May Counties,…ticle&id=4207:ideals-of-liberty-prosperity-being-consumed-by-the-tapeworm-economy&catid=111olitics&Itemid=1)

“Hey! You who add house to house, and join field to field until there is
room for none but you to live in the land.surely those mansions will sit in
disrepair.empty of anyone living inside.
“Hey! You who call evil good and good evil.who think you are so smart and
clever.For a payoff you glorify someone who does wrong, but not someone who
does right. Surely as a tongue of fire eats up dry straw.your stock will
– Isaiah, Old Testament Prophet, 600 B.C.

“In a Tapeworm Economy a small group of insiders centralize political and
economic power… in a manner that destroys real wealth… An actual
tapeworm injects its host with a chemical that makes the host crave what is
good for the tapeworm and bad for the host. So the Tapeworm Economy uses
media and education and numerous financial incentives to get us acting
against our own strategic interests and instead supporting and depending on
the tapeworm.

“The symptoms of the tapeworm are many… runaway exploitive and predatory
corporate practices…fraudulent inducement of debt to home owners, students
and consumers… criminal mismanagement of government credit and resources,
black budget operations and the manipulation of currency, financial and
precious metal prices and markets…”

– Wayne “Red Will” Razzi, Wall Street floor trader, former Margate resident
writing on the blog of investment analyst Rick Ackerman,, Sept. 10, 2010

From sunset this Friday, until sunset on Saturday, faithful Jews will fast
and beg forgiveness for sins during Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement
described in Leviticus 16.

The synagogue service includes Chapter 58 of the Book of Isaiah and the
entire Book of Jonah. Even many Jews fail to see the irony.

Isaiah preached 2,600 years ago that ancient Judah and Israel were safe,
prosperous, and respected only when every citizen, including the rich and
powerful, knew, obeyed, and equally and impartially enforced the fair and
simple laws given to Moses out in the desert.

But Isaiah saw that too many in Judah and Israel were ignoring the old laws,
and lying, cheating, and bullying their way to wealth at the expense of
those with less power and influence.

Isaiah and the other prophets warned that this would soon bring disaster.
But they were ignored, ridiculed, and sometimes arrested. Soon afterward,
both ancient Hebrew kingdoms were destroyed by foreign enemies outside —
and corruption and incompetence inside.

Only Jonah, who preached outside the country, had success. Just as the
Chinese, Indians and East Europeans are today applying American ideas of
liberty to their booming economies, the foreigners in Nineveh — and on
Jonah’s boat — saved themselves by following the advice of a true Hebrew
prophet — something the Hebrews themselves failed to do.

Today in America, most Americans, especially young people, believe that the
pay-to-play politics of the “Tapeworm Parasites” are needed “to get things
done.” They believe the Tapeworm Parasite newspapers, and network “news”
programs that attack, ridicule or ignore anyone who supports the traditional
American ideas of liberty and equal opportunity — not result — that once
made our country safe and prosperous.

Thanks to their “Indoctrinate U” schools and colleges, and their “hate
America” Hollywood movies and TV programs, few Americans today know the
clear and simple words of our Declaration of Independence or Constitution or
why they are so important and relevant to our lives today.

American patriots today should have a much easier job than the Americans of
1775. Those first patriots had to fight and win an eight-year war against
the strongest army and navy in the world to win their freedom.

But those Americans of 1775 knew they had more freedom, less government, and
lower taxes than any people in the world. They also knew that this liberty
is what gave them more wealth, comfort, and leisure than anyone else. They
knew exactly what they were fighting for, “liberty and prosperity,” and why.
We Americans today don’t have to fight a bloody war and risk our lives and
everything we own to win back our freedom. We just have to win a few
elections. But most Americans today have been without liberty and freedom
for so long that they don’t even know what they are or why they are worth
fighting for.

Today’s prophets are running out of time to teach them.

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