“Identity Politics” Explains Why Schools, Media, Celebrities & Corporate Giants All Promote The Lies of “International Women’s Day”

Just over a hundred years ago, the Communist dictators of Russia made March 8 their “International Women’s Day”.  It was part of their plan to destroy families as independent economic and social units.

Today, that Communist holiday is an important part of American popular culture.

Two weeks ago, every Microsoft Edge user saw this message on their “Start” page:

“Yes she can. Microsoft stands behind all girls and women in the face of voices saying ‘You can’t’. . . No matter how much you’ve done to prove yourself or how far you’ve come. . .  there is someone you never met telling you behind their computer screen
that girls can never succeed. . . “

Who in America today (other than followers of the Prophet) is telling women “You can’t.”? or “Girls can never succeed.”?

Certainly not me or any American I know!

I have two daughters. Every dad with a daughter and every brother with a sister I know do everything we can to help our daughters and sisters succeed in what they want to do.

Women in America achieved equal opportunity years ago! There is no “wage gap”! Women in America who earn less than men choose lower paid careers, or get off the career ladder to raise children. Women soccer players are paid less because more men pay to watch men’s soccer than women pay to watch women’s soccer.

As a former adjunct college history professor, I also know that women in America enjoyed more respect, opportunity, and equality than women in any other country in the world since when Benjamin Franklin wrote about this more than 300 years ago.

So why do tech and media giants like Microsoft, together with public schools, colleges, the media and pop culture celebrities keep lying to American women since childhood by telling them they are victims of discrimination?

The short answer that they are all part of a “progressive” Democratic political establishment that wants to “fundamentally change” America, and defeat President Trump and Republicans in the November elections.

Identity Politics is a very effective propaganda technique. Communist dictator Vladimir Lenin used it to overthrow “the world’s largest democracy” in Russia in 1917.   Mussolini and Hitler later used those same techniques to win elections and take control of Italy and Germany.

Identity Politics uses fear and hatred to win support–not facts or logic.  Politicians who use complain of problems not to fix them, but to blame somebody else for deliberately causing them.  Then they persuade most of the country that the “somebody else” is a group of dangerous enemies who must be hated, defeated, and eventually destroyed.

Identity Politics came to America in the 1960’s. That was when Communists and socialists gave up trying to win support from the American middle class of workers, farmers, professionals and small business owners.

They instead created a “New Left” that instead appealed to a variety of small groups. They did this by claiming people in these groups were “victims” of the majority middle class, and needed to elect “progressive” candidates and get government protection from their “enemies”.

Those new “victim” groups included blacks, college students, gays/lesbians, women, Hispanics, immigrants, and American Indians.
For years, the “New Left” used schools, colleges, media and popular culture to teach that equal civil rights for blacks was not enough protections. Blacks were systematically taught to demand “Black Power”, massive government spending programs, and “affirmative action” programs to discriminate against whites.
The “New Left” sought support from students by supporting legal marijuana, an end to the unpopular draft and war in Vietnam, more tax money for colleges and bigger pay and pensions for their “progressive” professors.

The “New Left” promised new laws and programs to help gays and lesbian, massive increases in legal and illegal immigration, and new benefits for American Indians.

The “New Left” also won support from women by supporting contraception and abortion —  urging women to pursue careers instead of marriage.

In 1984, the New Left, led by Rev. Jesse Jackson ran its first national political campaign based on these new victim groups, which he called “The National Rainbow Coalition”. Jackson failed with it in 1984 and 1988. However, he and the “New Left” took full control of the Democratic Party soon after Bill Clinton was elected President in 1992.   In 2008, the “New Left” through its “Rainbow Coalition” succeeded.  It put Barack Obama in the White House for two terms, and gave radical “progressive” Democrats control of both houses of Congress.

However, Democrats have a hard time holding their “Rainbow Coalition” together. Members of its different “victim” groups have nothing in common with each other and gain little or nothing when Democrats win elections.  The real winners are the handful of socialist leaders of the Democratic Party and their friends, families and donors.

Blacks, students, and women are hurt by massive legal and illegal immigration that cause crime, poverty, high taxes, and low wages. Students are hurt by high tuition and student loans needed by their well paid and pensioned college professors and administrators. Legal immigrants are hurt by illegal immigrants. Women are hurt when they are forced to share locker rooms and girls’ sports with “transgender” men.

“New Left” Democrats need to systematically provoke conflicts with the “enemies” of their victim groups, so that their members hate and fear ordinary white, middle class Americans more than they dislike each other.

This is why Democrats and their friends in public schools, colleges, the media, big corporations and and pop-culture celebrities to promote the fake statistics and big lies that women still don’t have equal opportunity in America. It also explains why they benefit by taking extreme positions that often seem unpopular.

“Progressive” Democrat media could not conceal their joy at sharing photos of “dangerous” armed white men carrying guns at protest against female Governor Gretchen Whitmer on April 30.  Whitmer deliberately provoked their angry reaction by extending her illegal and ineffective shutdown of all business in the state.  This robbed many of their income and savings.  Photo by Salon.com

At a time of fewer unwanted pregnancies, and more ultrasounds increasing compassion for unborn babies, Democrat Governors Andrew Cuomo of New York and Ralph Northam of Virginia supported extreme laws permitting babies who survive abortions to be killed after birth. This was done to provoke Republicans into openly opposing these radical new laws.  This won those Democrats more support from women who were told Republicans were about to take away their “reproductive rights”.

Joe Biden, the leading Democratic candidate for President promised to disqualify all men, and have a woman as his running mate. Both leading Democratic candidates for the House of Representatives in South Jersey to run against Jeff Van Drew, Amy Kennedy and Brigid Harrison are women.

When the “New Left” was formed back in the 1960’s, a prominent SDS radical said “The issue is never the issue. The revolution is always the issue”.

This year, whether or not women in America have equal opportunity, whether Michigan’s lockdown is unfair and ineffective, or whether the new abortion laws in New York and Virginia are extreme are not the issue.

This year, the revolution is the only issue. That is the “New Left” convincing many American women that President Trump and all men running as Republicans against any woman for public office in November are enemies who must be defeated.

To defeat the Identity Politics of the New Left, conservatives need to play three dimensional chess. We need to carefully defeat the endless non-issue demands of the left without making them stronger by appearing to be enemies of their “victim” groups.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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