Immigration Movie Tomorrow (Wednesday, July 31) at 6PM — $6 billion “Open Space” Scam Defeated!

IMPORTANT MOVIE AND DISCUSSION ON ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION–? Two hour documentary ?They Come to America II ?The Cost of Amnesty?.??? This Wednesday, July 31 at 6PM.? Shore Diner, Tilton & Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36, Egg Harbor Township, NJ. ???Free Admission, but donation encouraged.? We also ask that you buy dinner to thank the Diner for letting us use their room.?? Come early and order by 5:30 P.M. for best-early-bird-specials in town-and for some early-bird conversation on the topic..???? For details and movie preview, go to

Also for comments by Dennis Lynch, the movie?s producer on ObamaCare ?and illegal immigration, see And how Microsoft, Google, and Apple all profit from cheap, foreign, captive labor, see

Absecon resident Mike Assad formed an ?exploratory committee? and may run in the June 3 Republican Primary against Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo next year.?? Anyone who is serious about running for public office next year must plan, organize, put together a team of candidates, and raise money this year.?? We think it is the Republican House of Representatives should defeat amnesty for illegal immigrants, and take real, effective action to cut funding for ObamaCare.?? So far, Congressman Frank LoBiondo has been silent on both issues.

George Orwell?s ?Animal Farm? now playing in Northfield???? Congratulations to Dennis Mahon on his appointment to fill an unexpired term on Northfield City Council.??? But behind the scenes, there are signs that the ??New Republican Club? ?of Northfield which began supporting the principles of? Liberty and Prosperity is getting more like the old Republican Club.

Special statewide primary election on Tuesday, August 13:?? Republicans and Democrats will each choose their candidate for U.S. Senate to fill unexpired term of the late Democratic Senator Frank Lautenberg.?? Steve Lonegan and Alieta Eck are? competing for the Republican nomination.?? Newark Mayor Cory Booker, Congressman Rush Holt, Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver, and Congressman Frank Pallone are running for the Democratic nomination.??? The winners of these two contests will then run against each other in a special election to be held on WEDNESDAY, October 16!? (This is not a mistake?the election will be on a Wednesday!)??? There will be VERY low turnouts for both elections.?? Organization, discipline, and hard work by a few people can have a big impact.

There will be only one ballot question to amend the NJ Constitution on November 5.

A ?Yes? vote would immediately raise the minimum wage in New Jersey from $7.50 per hour to $8.25 per hour.?? The constitution would then require automatic raises every year?regardless of whether business could afford them.? When you add the 7.65% social security/medicare tax, the? 4% unemployment, disability, paid family leave, and workforce development taxes,? worker?s comp insurance, and Obamacare costs,? $8.25 per hour minimum wage costs a business ?$10 per hour?even when an employee? is young, untrained, and? too inexperienced to earn what he or she is being paid.?? Any small business owner who wants to stay in business would? instead (a) do some extra work themselves, and not hire anyone, (b) have? older, more experienced workers do the work in much less time, (c) have family members or illegal foreigners do the work for less ?off the books?, or (d) raise prices even when most people are earning less and have to cut back elsewhere.

Although most Republicans voted against this proposed Constitutional Amendment,? they were afraid to publicly explain their votes.?? As a result, no public officials have yet spoken against this proposal, and a ?Yes? vote seems likely.

A second proposed Constitutional Amendment would force the state to spend $200 million of sales tax money to buy ?Open Space? for the next 30 years.?? That is the same as borrowing $6 billion.??? In the past, ?Open Space? money was used to bail out bad real estate deals for political insiders, and give big money contracts to politically connected union contractors.?? ?Open Space? money bought? an abandoned Catholic school in Brigantine for a senior citizen recreation center, and? burned out buildings in Newark.? ?Open Space? money has been used to bulldoze trees to build asphalt parking lots, and to build observation decks over green-head infested marshes.? And of course, ?Open Space? money also pays ?administrative fees?? that pay salaries to their ?community organizers? who lobby for more ?Open Space? money.

The votes of 60% of both houses of the Legislature are needed to put a Constitutional Amendment on the ballot.?? That means 24 votes in the State Senate, and 60 votes in the State Assembly.??? Senate President Sweeney called a special session ?of the State Senate this morning, July 29, to vote to put this proposal on the ballot.??? But by 12 noon, only 14 Senators voted ?Yes?.?? So Sweeney said he would hold the vote open until 5PM.??? By 5PM, only 21 Senators had voted ?Yes?.???? And so Sweeney said he would hold the vote open until midnight.?? By 8PM, ?22 Senators voted ?Yes?.??? Democratic Senator Jeff Van Drew voted ?No? on a similar measure last month, but voted ?Yes? today.??? Only two Republican Senators,? Kip Bateman and? Diane Allen voted ?Yes?.?? However, by 9PM, Sweeney could not get the two more votes he needed, and closed the voting.??? The ?Open Space? Constitutional Amendment will NOT be on the ballot this year.? See

We need help with our yearly Richard Somers event.? On September 4, 1804, ?Richard Somers of Somers Point ?and? all 12 members of his crew were blown to bits when his ship Intrepid tried to destroy a fleet of Arab terrorists ?in Tripoli Harbor.??? Every year, we hold a fundraising event to remember Richard Somers and America?s first war against Jihad under President Thomas Jefferson.??? This year, the Somers Point Historical Society cannot partner with us because they are working on a special event to bring back the remains of Richard Somers in October.??? Please contact Seth Grossman by reply email or at 609-927-7333 if you can help us put this event together this year on Wednesday, September 4.

We only need one student to form a club in any high school or college.??? If you know any student willing to work with us, ?please contact Seth Grossman by return email or at 609-927-7333.??? We can supply all of the funds, materials, and support needed to let that student form an effective after-school group to give fellow students a chance to learn the truth about liberty and American history that they won?t get in the classroom.

CONTACT CONGRESSMAN FRANK LOBIONDO.? Find out which side he is on BEFORE he votes on turning 20 million illegal immigrants into legal voters–and 8 to 1 Democrats!? You can email Congressman LoBiondo through his website at:?? Or call him at: (202) 225-6572 in Washington, D.C. or? (609) 625-5008 in Mays Landing.

LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR EIGHT POINT PROGRAM FOR 2013.??? GO TO HOW MANY OF THEM DO YOU SUPPORT??? WHAT ISSUES SHOULD BE ADDED??? ???Many of our members want us to actively defend Second Amendment rights, including the right of all mentally competent, law abiding adults?not just police?to carry firearms.?? What do you think?

We mourn the loss of our member Robert Lehman who died unexpectedly ?last week after a long and successful career in real estate development.?? Four years ago, Lehman ?published a book called ?Nature?s Formula?.? In it Lehman applied his experience in the real world of construction, finance, sales, and politics to develop a theory that explains how ?what he called ?PIC?–Persuasion, Inducement, and Cooperation??(our Nation?s founders in 1776 called this called ?Liberty?) creates success and prosperity.??? Lehman also warned that ?DIF?–?Deception, Intimidation, and Force? (what our Founders of 1776 called these the methods of tyrants and despots) ?cause failure and misery.? Many of us were very surprised to read that Lehman was 90 years old.

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