Immigration, Republican Do Nothings, Boardwalk Bucks

We don’t have an immigration mess. Actually we have an invasion to destroy our country and our way of life and everything good that our parents and grandparents gave to us in this country is going to be denied to our children and grandchildren and nieces and nephews.

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Guest: the one and only Seth Grossman of Liberty and Prosperity.

An invasion force that’s in America right now. 8 million illegal foreigners in our country.

They are here to destroy us and our way of life so they can dominate and take over.

And I’ve never seen such a pathetic response to an invasion like this in my entire life.

We know the Democrats want to destroy this country and they want to do it for a whole lot of reasons. They’ve been hijacked by woke. Whether you want to call them socialist, anarchist, Communist, whatever you want to call them, whatever label you use, they’re people who think they’re going to be. Important.

And they’re going to be in control if they tear down the country, they can’t just live their lives normally by wanting to have a nice business and have a nice job, have a nice family, have a nice house in.

Benjamin Franklin made the same observation 300 years ago. That government attracts psychopaths. You know to want to be active in politics, who want to take over and run other people’s lives, you know, the same way that maybe the priesthood or the Boy Scouts attracted pedophiles. We have some really wacky people who are who have political power right now.

we know the Democrats again for all these reasons. They’re our enemies. They want to destroy our way of life.

And the only people capable of fighting them are Republicans. But are Republicans fighting them? Where are the Republicans?

Have you heard of any Republican leader in New Jersey? Any elected official saying we need to stop this? Have you heard any Republican leader you know other than Trump talk about the need for mass deportations?

I mean, how you know, how can you fix this problem without undoing the damage?

Our local Police Department, the public schools, the hospitals. Every institution has to be mobilized to identify who is Illegally here.

Many are going to resist. There’s going to be violence. People are gonna get hurt. People are gonna get killed. That’s what happens when you have a war to defend your country.

We’re urging Republicans to be held accountable as much as Democrats for allowing this and not talking about how we’re gonna fix it through massive and systematic deportations.

Do you think it’s possible?

Our children and grandchildren will be living in a country just as miserable as where these so-called migrants are coming from.

When you look at these upscale areas of New York City, the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, I mean my God, they look like something, you know, out of a third world country right now, San Francisco, Philadelphia.

Democrats want to destroy the country and Republicans aren’t lifting a finger to defend the country.

Biden inflation is horrible. The federal government is spending trillions of dollars more than it’s taking in.

Federal government is forcing the US to spend money on fake green energy.

Raising the price of energy by making us spend a fortune on the wind turbines and the solar panels that don’t produce.

$100 million spent on the new boardwalk for Ventnor, Atlantic City, Seaside Heights, Ocean City and Wildwood.

Is anybody talking about where that money came from? The American Rescue Act, where there was no money.

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