Important Election Meeting Monday, August 11, 2008 at 6pm

Important Election Meeting Monday, August 11, 2008?at 6pm

Liberty and Prosperity Newsletter –? Important Election Meeting:? Monday, August 11 at 6PM


At the Annual meeting in May, 2008, BRUCE BARKOFF and DENNIS MAHON were re-elected as trustees with three year terms, and MARY KAZMARCK of Linwood was elected for the first time to a three year term.???? MICHAEL E. SMITH of Mays Landing was elected to a one year term.

However, the by-laws were not followed when those trustees were elected.? We will therefore vote on whether or not to ratify their previous election.

SECOND ELECTION:? Assuming those four individuals are ratified as trustees, we will then have nine elected trustees.?? Our by-laws permit us to have 13.

We will then vote to decide whether or not to appoint as many as four
trustees.? (In my last e-mail, I thought we had eight trustees.?? Betty Lou,
our secretary informs me that we have nine.)??? Once we decide how many slots to fill, we will then vote to elect trustees out of the following
candidates who were nominated last month:

They are:
JESSE KURTZ, Atlantic City
CARLO MELINI, Upper Township
J. MILROY, Upper Township
TIM PHELAN, Ocean City

There is a lot of other business to discuss.

1.? We must prepare for our “Remember Richard Somers” Day, on Thursday, September 4.

2.? We must prepare for Somers Point Good Old Days Festival on September 13.

3.? We should consider changing our Seven Principles to remove “Don’t Sell our Public Highways” (we won that battle) and add “Put Important Public Issues to a Public Vote”.

4.? We should make plans to have a presence in our public schools and on
public access television.

5.?? We should consider whether we should be involved in educating public about liberty candidates in Presidential Election.

6.? We must make the public aware of Steve Lonegan’s lawsuit to stop
unconstitutional state debt.

The new high level of traffic on our website (more than 200 visits each day) is a tribute to how we are effectively starting to reach people.??? Let’s talk about making some real changes in the culture of New Jersey on Monday.

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