Is Epidemic Over? We Can Open Now With “Segment & Shield” Even If It’s Not!

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Topics for Discussion: (From email update for May 30, 2020 Saturday Breakfast Discussion.  Online Until Shore Diner Re-Opens)

#1. Is the epidemic over in South Jersey. For weeks Atlantic County had fewer than 40 cases and a handful of deaths a day for more than 250,000 people. Most of those deaths were confined to nursing homes, and those numbers dropped every since Governor Murphy stopped forcing nursing homes to admit coronavirus patients. For ten weeks, the common sense of ordinary citizens, not lockdowns, stopped the virus. We can be trusted to continue to protect ourselves and our families. Is there any excuse for any delay in re-opening any business? Sweden, England, Scotland and Japan have succeeded with “segment and shield”. Protect the sick and elderly. Let everyone else enjoy normal lives.

#2. Governor Murphy claims he will do “mass layoffs” of “key employees” if he does not get a massive bailout from the Federal government. Why didn’t Murphy have that concern for the “mass layoffs” he caused in the casinos and almost every private business in New Jersey? Has Murphy explored other options? Has he considered cutting salaries of any government employees during this emergency to match loss of income by other taxpayers. Aren’t we all supposed to be in this together? The Federal government is $25 trillion in debt. If you add unfunded social security, Medicare, and pension obligations, the total debt is $125 trillion. How can Federal government possibly afford to bail out New Jersey without turning the rest of the country into New Jersey? What can we do to stop Trump and Senate Republicans from propping NJ’s unsustainable government for another few years?

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#4. Was the “sudden” explosion in Minneapolis planned for years? Was every detail worked out except for the particular incident and city that would trigger it? Is it now so normal to resist police, that almost every arrest in America involves a physical struggle requiring several officers? Since thousands of local police officers make arrests every day all over the country, is it now normal for there to be a tragedy like this every year or so even if police do the right thing 99.5% of the time? Is it now normal to have riots every time one police officer does wrong? Who benefits from this? How long can this go on?

#5. Is this from a radical left wing, hate-America website?

“In order to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation”.

No, it’s the title of a high school homework assignment supplied by the “1619 Project of the New York Times”.

It is now required reading for the Advanced Placement History Class at Hopewell Valley Regional High School just north of Princeton, New Jersey. This required reading doesn’t admit that “capitalism” is a fake Communist propaganda word to describe our system of freedom. It doesn’t mention that the slavery in America was a small part of the worldwide slave system established by Muslims in Africa 1200 years ago. It doesn’t mention how Abraham Lincoln and more than 300,000 white Americans fought and died to end slavery in America because it was against their Christian beliefs. It doesn’t explain how white Democrats used the KKK to terrorize white and black Republicans alike after the Civil War. It doesn’t mention how millions of blacks moved out of the Jim Crow South and found freedom, safety, and opportunity in Atlantic City and other Republican cities in the north during the “Great Migration”.

#6. Parkway and Expressway Toll Hikes Driven by Unsustainable and Unconstitutional Wall Street Debt. Tolls go up because there are fewer drivers to pay higher, unsustainable debts. Same thing will happen with sales, business and property taxes to pay unsustainable pensions. Bankruptcy is only solution. The sooner it happens, the less the hardship.

#7. National Republicans disavow Republican candidate for Congress for “disappointing and disturbing” Facebook posts he made in previous years.The chairman of the NRCC (National Republican Congressional Committee) said his posts “are unacceptable and not indicative of the Republican Party and what we are building here at the NRCC with our diverse slate of candidates”. These are not quotes from 2018 about Seth Grossman. They are talking about Ted Howze, who won the Primary to be the Republican candidate for Congress in Modesto, California! Howze is also of Native American descent and a member of the Choctaw Nation.

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