Is Stockton University As Fake, Dishonest, Corrupt & Evil As I Think It Is?

If not, please comment with facts proving me wrong!

Yuri Bezmenov was the highest ranking Russian Communist official to switch sides and come to America.  In 1985, he gave this video interview where he explained what he did for most of his career.  His mission was to engage in “active measures” for “ideological subversion” to change public opinion in non-Communist democracies.  “Step 1” was “Demoralization”, a process that normally took 15 to 20 years.  During this step, Communists actively persuaded young athletes, artists, actors, writers, journalists, teachers and professors that their nation was evil and not worth defending.  Later, these people became influential opinion makers as celebrities, media and Hollywood executives, union leaders, department heads and public school and college administrators.  Click here or photo to view video.

Stockton University is sick.  This is obvious to anyone who reads the details of how it is pursuing “bias incident” charges against one student who did nothing but openly display and defend his support for President Trump.  If you haven’t yet read them, please click here for NJ’s Stockton U. Goes Full Fascist, Orwell & Kafka. Threatens Student With Suspension, Fine & Re-Education for Displaying Photo of President & Criticizing BLM.

That Orwellian and Kafka-like absurdity of those fake charges proves beyond any doubt that Stockton is no longer an institution of higher learning.  It is a crude and corrupt indoctrination center.  Stockton no longer has academic standards.  It instead teaches many of its students high school reading, algebra, and geometry to increase its “diversity score”.  Stockton does not promote or tolerate diversity of thought.  It does not tolerate critical thinking, open discussion or debate.  Few if any of its courses give students the skills or attitudes they need to be productive, successful, independent and self-sufficient.  It instead bullies them to obey and conform.  It falsely teaches them that “political engagement” is the key to getting what they want in life.  That includes falsely blaming others or “the capitalist system” whenever they don’t get what they want.

Stockton’s  “bias free” bubble is also tearing families apart.  Most students there are conditioned to hate, shun, or look down on anyone outside the bubble who disagrees with its “woke” hate-men, hate-America, hate-Israel,  BLM agenda.  Too often, this includes parents and grandparents who sacrificed for years to pay for this.

Stockton, together with most colleges today, is putting countless students and their families into life of economic hardship.  It resembles indentured servitude, except indentured servants in colonial America were free after seven years.  Stockton charges in-state students $27,468 per year for tuition, fees, room and meals.  This does not include the ridiculously expensive books many professors often force their students to buy. This is in spite of the $18 million to $24.3 million Stockton gets each year from New Jersey taxpayers.  A typical student takes home $3,500 from a summer job and would have to work nearly eight summers to pay for a single year at Stockton.

As a result, reports that 73% of incoming students borrow an average of $8,612 each during their first year at Stockton, and graduate with an average debt of $34,448.

In short, Stockton has become the opposite of what it was intended to be.  It was supposed to help more young people in New Jersey enjoy the American Dream.   It is instead ruining their futures and tearing their families and nation apart.

Stockton was supposed to provide a quality college education for an affordable price.  Stockton did that for the first few years after it was built in 1971.  Its tuition, fees, room and board (like most NJ state colleges) were less than $800 per year.  A typical student paid for a year of Stockton with a summer of work on the Boardwalk with plenty of money left over to enjoy the vibrant night spots along the Jersey Shore.

This bust of Richard Stockton was once displayed publicly at Stockton University.  As a devoted Quaker, Stockton and his family spent much of his fortune and energy to free black slaves.  He and other Quakers often did this by buying black slaves, teaching them reading, writing, and other skills needed to lead independent lives, and then setting them free.  In 2017, Stockton University removed this statue from public view when a handful of students and professors falsely claimed Stockton was a “racist” for legally owning black slaves.

Stockton was supposed to teach the basic values that made America great and exceptional.  It was named after Richard Stockton, a New Jersey signer of the Declaration of Independence.  Stockton and his family were also dedicated Quakers who worked tirelessly to free black slaves in America and around the world.  Stockton California is named after Richard Stockton’s grandson Robert.  Robert Stockton commanded U.S. Navy ships that worked with the British Navy to end the trans-Atlantic slave trade and free countless black slaves during the early 1800s.

Stockton University now falsely teaches students that Richard Stockton was an evil slave owner.  It removed his statue from public view in 2017.  When volunteers handed out postcards quoting the Declaration of Independence that he signed at Stockton’s “Get Involved Fair”, one of its professors loudly shouted that she was offended by our “Nazi propaganda” and threatened to report us for committing a “bias incident”.

Stockton’s “political engagement” does more than advance a hate-America, hate-Israel “woke” political agenda.  By helping powerful Democrats get elected and re-elected, Stockton administrators and professors also buy themselves protection from being held accountable for their excessive salaries and spending, mismanagement, favoritism, bias, and other abuse. 

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2 thoughts on “Is Stockton University As Fake, Dishonest, Corrupt & Evil As I Think It Is?”

  1. Robert J Chester

    Seth, let me share one point, After signing the Declaration of Independence, a couple years later he switched sides and was in poor health.

  2. Although Richard Stockton had enemies who made that claim, it is most likely that they were confusing our Richard Stockton with a distant cousin having same name. Our Stockton was betrayed and arrested by the British. His health was ruined by poor diet and cold damp conditions in prison in British occupied Manhattan. He was released as part of a deal not to fight against British, but was too sick to do so anyway and soon died with he and his family in near poverty. The 56 patriots who signed the Declaration of Independence were serious when at the end they mutually pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.Seth Grossman

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