Is Trump The Problem? Hamas Propaganda.

Is Trump the problem? Low information voters, courtesy of FOX and NewsMax.

Struggle to elect a new Speaker of the House. Many GOP candidates afraid to say TRUMP too loud.

Listen to Seth Grossman appearance on WPG Radio October 21, 2023. ‘Talk with a Purpose’ hosted by John DeMasi.

222 Republicans. 218 is the majority needed. RINOS. Republican in Name Only.

The real danger. Issues in Israel. Propaganda. Hamas in Gaza Strip. Indoctrinating a whole generation for 20 years. Stockpiling rockets. Example: 1962. Rockets in Cuba. Don’t wait til they decide to kill you.

Controversial humanitarian aid?

Arabs and Hamas killed random Jews. Approx 1,400.

Israel has 9 million residents.

Rockets at schools. Families and kids. Asymmetrical warfare. Human shields.

Giorgia Meloni, the Italy Prime Minister. ‘They are after all of us.’

Militants sects. War against western civilization. ‘Replacement’ theory.

Top story in NYC. Young woman gets head smashed into train. Sabir Jones had 40 criminal cases. Out on the street. All thx to NJ bail reform. Not considered hate crime?

Hate Crimes. Selectively enforced.

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