Is Ukraine Horror Starting To Unravel The “Woke” Narrative That Is Killing America?

Since Russia invaded last week, the “woke” Democrat media are reporting news that supports what we have been saying for years:

  1. Nations have the right and duty to defend their borders. Their people have the right to preserve their freedom, independence and culture.
  2. Nations need a military to defend their borders. Their citizens must be properly trained and armed to do this.
  3. We need cheap and abundant energy to have food, heat in winter, and to build, produce and transport what we need to live safe, comfortable lives.
  4. France gets cheap and abundant electricity from its nuclear reactors. Germany has been hopelessly dependent on gas and oil from Russia since it switched to useless wind and solar “power”.

The above comparison of pre-Marxist socialism (French Revolution, Haiti), Marxist theoretical socialism, Mussolini Fascism, and Hitler National Socialism taken from You Tube Video by TIK History “Hitler’s Socialism”.  Click here for link:  Hitler’s Socialism | Destroying the Denialist Counter Arguments – YouTube

Does this open a window of opportunity to now teach these other important facts as well?

  1. The right of each citizen to be free to make the most important decisions in his or her own life is an “unalienable” right worth fighting and dying for.
  2. Government officials who claim that “woke” and “critical race” theories, socialism, or communism let them decide what is best for others, and take from those they think have “too much” depend on force and control rather than persuasion and consent.  Their power corrupts and their absolute power corrupts absolutely.  When they “run out of other people’s money”, they become violent and oppressive, and often invade neighboring countries. In short, they become like the Putins and Xi’s of Communist Russia and China today.
  3. America was never perfect. However, it gave more freedom, justice, safety, and wealth to more people than any other nation in history.
  4. Liberty promotes prosperity, safety, peace and honest government.  It is a culture that rewards people who make themselves more productive and successful through education, training, practice, discipline, and planning.  “Progressives”, socialists, and communists promote corruption, hatred, and war.  That is because they reward people who blame others for their failures and unhappiness, and use politics, bullying, and force to take what others have.

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