Washington Post Praises Iceland For Coronavirus “Success”. After It Blamed GOP Governor As “Failure” For Florida Being In Same Situation!

Iceland, like Florida, is having a “surge” in coronavirus cases.  However, the Washington Post is not blaming Iceland’s government or health officials.  The Washington Post also is not reporting the coronavirus “surge” in Iceland as dangerous or alarming.  It points out that most adults in Iceland have been vaccinated, and most vaccinated people with coronavirus have mild cases. Most unvaccinated people in Iceland are children who are less than 16 years old.  They also are not getting seriously ill from coronavirus.  Iceland is also a small country with only 341,000 people.  Florida has 22 million people and is 65 times bigger.  Florida also has a much older population that includes many more people with life-threatening pre-conditions.

However, it appears that while Florida, like Iceland, is having a “surge” in coronavirus cases, most of those cases are also mild, and not life-threatening.  As in Iceland, most unvaccinated people in Florida are young and healthy.  Most of those who are seriously ill or in the hospital are those who have other serious and life-threatening medical issues.  A good way to measure bias in the media is to carefully compare how the media reports the “surge” of coronavirus cases in Iceland with the same situations in Florida.

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