Jan 20, 2014 Update: Fiamingo 2d Amend talk “much more than guns”, Don’t use language of enemy, NJ state budget “worst in nation”, & more

Frank Fiamingo, founder of NJ Second Amendment Society will be speak at our February 23 major fundraising event this year. ?Fiamingo admits he did not grow up with guns and didn’t care much about them until his brother in Florida taught him the sport at age 61. ? Until then, Frank was also too busy building up two businesses and raising a family to care much about politics. ? ?Only in his 60’s did Fiamingo realize that this was a big mistake, and that our kids and grandkids will never have the liberty or prosperity we enjoyed most of our lives unless we get very active in politics right now. ? Date: ?February 23. ?Place: ?Carisbrooke Inn, ?Beach Block Little Rock Ave., Ventnor, NJ ? ?Limited seating fundraising breakfast with Frank Fiamingo at 11 A.M. is $250 per person. ? Wine, cheese, and more reception from 1PM to 3PM is $75 person, $100 couple. ? ?You can buy tickets at any breakfast meeting, our office at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ ?08244, or online at www.libertyandprosperity.org. ? Your tax deductible donations to this event pay one third of our yearly expenses and are needed to maintain our current level of activity.

Breakfast Discussion this and every Saturday at Shore Diner, Egg Harbor Twp., NJ.? Details/Directions at http://libertyandprosperity.org/event/weekly-breakfast-meeting-3/.

Why not join us as a member this year??? As a non-voting member for $30, you can participate in all business meetings without making any commitments.?? Details at http://libertyandprosperity.org/join/.? If already a member, please pay your 2014 dues as soon as possible by mail, at any breakfast meeting, or click the “Donate” button on the home page of http://libertyandprosperity.org/.

Bonus for anyone on this email list?? Free e-book: ?The Patriot Handbook?A Practical Guide for All Activists?, by James Simpson,? investigative journalist, businessman, and former U.S. Office of Budget Management economist.? Details at www.libertyandprosperity.org home page.

Be a ?Committee of Correspondence?.??? The patriots of the first ?Boston Tea Party? of 1773 were a local group with no national following.?? The British thought it would be easy to isolate and crush them.??? But those first Boston patriots?used Ben Franklin?s postal service to mail Boston newspapers explaining their views to a handful of patriots in each colony.??? Those patriots reprinted news from Boston in?every local newspaper in their own areas. ?this is how they quickly form a national movement that surprised and defeated the British. ? ?We need to do the same thing.

Please forward this email and copy, paste, and forward our?posts at www.libertyandprosperity.org and our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.?? But to reach thousands of new people,? please?copy and past our material as a Letter to the Editor of your local paper every 30 days.?? Tips for good letters and email addresses of major NJ papers are posted on home page of www.libertyandprosperty.org and will soon be posted in “Learn” and “Engage” sections linked to home page.

Suggested Topics for Letter to the Editor:??

?Did Minimum Wage hike approved by voters last November hurt who it was supposed to help????Unable to raise prices in a bad economy, did most businesses ?lay off minimum wage people or cut back hours? ? Do you notice longer lines, more waiting, worse service at restaurants, shops, and gas stations? ? Is any of this reported in newspapers or on TV? ? Reach out to?the people you know who were affected and ?contact us so we can tell their story.

Does ObamaCare makes it much harder to talk to a doctor.?? New federal regulations forced many?doctors to retire or sell out to large groups.?? Are you having more trouble talking to?doctors who know you when you get sick??? Are you angry that our whole health system was ruined to give?insurance to 10% to 20% of Americans–who still don’t have insurance?? And when you complain about this, does it bother you when?TV networks,?editorial cartoons, and the political elites say you simply hate?President Obama because he’s black?

Don’t use the language of the enemy. ?The official name of the old Communist dictatorship in East Germany was “German Democratic Republic”.?? But most Germans never called in that, and instead called it the “so-called German Democratic Republic”?instead.?? If you don’t want to use?”ObamaCare” to describe the new health care law, as least call it?”The so-called Affordable Care Act”.

Investors Business Daily reports that under Republican Governor Chris Christie, New Jersey government has ?worst per capita budget deficit in nation?.?? See http://news.investors.com/011614-686566-christie-new-jersey-worst-for-fiscal-solvency.htm.?? This is not news to us.?? For years we pointed out how NJ pension funds are?Ponzi scheme that pays? retired teachers and government employees far more than they?paid in.??? And pension funds invested in risky, political ?investments? like Revel Casino bonds to reward political insiders.?? We also point out that NJ Constitution gives us easy way to fix this problem.?? Taxpayers have no legal or moral obligation to repay any debt not approved by voters, and more than 80% of NJ?s debt–including pension debt–?was never approved by voters and can be repudiated (wiped out) at any time.

The House of Representatives approved a 1,582 page bill to spend $1,100 billion dollars during the next 9 months.??Click here for Press of Atlantic City Associated Press article with no local comment from our own Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo who voted for it.? Only 67 ?Tea Party? conservative Republicans voted against it.??? House Republicans, including Frank LoBiondo are now preparing to approve new immigration laws giving amnesty to foreigners illegally in this country.? Click here for Wall Street Journal report.? http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB20001424052702304419104579324532878523334 ?LoBiondo did not make any public statement about any of this either.

How did New Jersey shore?rebuild and recover from the 1944 Hurricane and 1962 March storm within a year, with no federal flood insurance or handouts???But after? billions of dollars of?”help”, no end in sight for Sandy recovery?more than a year later.???Were we better off with a federal government that did not help us–but let us earn and save more because of low taxes, and fewer laws and permit that let us save more and clean-up much quicker and cheaper????? How much extra damage from mold because homeowners were told to wait for federal and state inspections before starting clean-up?

Did Thomas Jefferson’s “vision” really include Muslims, as reported in this Press of Atlantic City opinion piece?“Jefferson’s Vision Included Muslims”???
Anyone who went to one of our?Richard Somers Day events in Somers Point should write a letter of how Thomas Jefferson bought a Koran in 1785 to understand why Muslims were attacking Americans in the Mediterranean Sea when we had done nothing against them. ? ?See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Barbary_War

Why do big corporations bankroll our enemies (and theirs), but won?t help us????? We stood behind South Jersey Industries, in effort to build natural gas pipeline.??? But it appears that company makes major donations to ?green? environmental groups who oppose them, but not to us.? Organizers of various ?progressive? community organizations constantly attack businesses like Walmart.? ?But Walmart Foundation awards grants that only those organizations can qualify for.?? Why????? Wall Street Journal article of 1/15/2014 ?Chris Christie is an Amateur” explains how the left bullies and harasses people and corporations who give money to causes they oppose.

Please report any errors, including failed links to info@libertyandprosperity.org.?? Please also use that email address to report any items that should be posted on our website or Liberty and Prosperity facebook page or in our next email update.? Thanks.???? Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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