Jan 6 Hearing Farce, Paid Instigators, AC BLM Riots, Orsted Wind Scam

Seth Grossman is featured guest on Talk with a Purpose with WPG’s John DeMasi. June 11, 2022.

Jan 6 hearing farce. No due process.

Effort to smear 500 people who walked in peacefully.

Originally, the Proud Boys protected Trump demonstrators from Antifa.

FBI informants were paid instigators? Entrapment.

Hearing is a propaganda production.

Lack of context.

Riots were normalized by the left.

Atlantic City BLM Riots of Summer 2020, THE WALK was destroyed. 95 arrested. Anybody sentenced or fined?

Steve Young blocked the expressway.

ORSTED and Atlantic City wind turbine scam.



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