January 2, 2015. We are ready for Big League ball. Are you?

Join us for breakfast discussion tomorrow–or any Saturday from 9:30 to 10:30am at Shore Diner Inc., 6710 Tilton Road by Parkway Exit 36. Egg Harbor Township, NJ. (GPS may say Northfield.) No admission. Just pay for your breakfast off the menu and tip the waitress. We have a special deal on three menu items for less than $8. Almost all of our Facebook posts and web postings are based on these discussions.

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Atlantic County Republican Assemblyman Chris Brown sounded like socialist dictator on Harry Hurley 1450AM radio this morning. Chris Brown talked of plan to make casinos pay their ?fair share? to help ?working people?. But in trying to explain how he figured their ?fair share?, Brown had no clue that key to liberty and prosperity is applying same tax laws equally to everyone. This has been part of NJ Constitution since original colonial charters of 1664. Also, Brown never suggested spending cuts to Atlantic City’s bloated City Hall and public school budgets. Both are stuffed with high paid and useless political appointees hired during years when casinos were cash cows.

Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 2. Only 8,000 votes can knock Brown out. Will anyone run against him? (Please don?t confuse our Assemblyman Chris Brown with another Republican Assemblyman with same name in Burlington County.)

It?s not just Chris Brown. Other Republicans like Congressman Frank LoBiondo, Governor Chris Christie, and Congress leaders Mitch McConnell and John Boehner are no better. These Republicans are buffers. They do nothing but protect and enable Obama Democrats and their agenda.

We cannot defeat the radical left agenda of ?progressive? Democrats until we first expose and defeat the Republican buffers who protect them. To do that, we need careful thought, preparation, time, organization?and most of all money. We don?t need nearly the money they have. We just need enough to deliver our message to 50,000 to 100,000 people on a regular basis. We need a minimum of $25,000 this year to do that.

Please help our 2015 Fundraising Drive during the next ten weeks. It will finish with our major fundraiser?a high-end brunch, followed by a wine and cheese at the Carisbrooke Inn with Fox News contributor Allison Howard on March 8.

Here is why we need $25,000:

1. Run radio spots on Rush Limbaugh, other stations: $6,000/year
2. Boost Facebook posts: $3,600/year
3. Maintain our website, tech support: $3,000/year
4. Office, sign, telephone, postage, insurance: $10,000/year
5. Special events, postcards, mailings, literature. videos: $2,400/year

How can we raise that money? Here are our targets for next 10 weeks. Can you start by paying your $30 dues this week? Can you make a bigger commitment this year? Can you suggest others we should contact? If so, please let us know. Please call (609) 927-7333, meet us for breakfast at the Shore Diner, email info@libertyandprosperity.org, or visit our office at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244.


25 Voting Member Dues @ $60/year: $1,500
200 Non-Voting Member Dues @ $30/year: $ 6,000
100 couples for Alison Howard 3/8/2015 Fundraiser @ $100: $10,000
10 tickets to Alison Howard 3/8/2015 brunch @ $250: $ 2,500
5 major gifts of $1,000: $ 5,000

If you can help us get donations for any of these categories, please contact us right away. If you can suggest people we should approach, please let us know. But most importantly, please be part of our organization as a $60 voting or $50 non-voting member. Dues for 2015 are due, so please pay your dues at our breakfast, online, or at 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244 as soon as you can. Thanks.

How to “opt out” of Common Core. First step to get ?Common Core? curriculum out of your child?s school, is to submit forms for your child to ?opt out? of PAARC tests. Learn the details at: http://libertyandprosperity.org/how-to-opt-your-kid-out-of-paarc-tests-how-to-get-common-core-out-of-your-kids-school/.

Be a more persuasive and effective citizen?and candidate. Sign up for one of six Center for Self-Governance classes to be offered at various NJ locations later this month. This round of classes is
co-ordinated by Bill and Barbara Eames of Morris County but two of the classes will be held closer to us. Roughly a dozen of our members took these classes so far. They all said they were well worth the time, travel, and money. The handful of people who ousted House Republican leader Eric Cantor last year got their training at these classes.

Of the six classes, those closest to us are the Saturday, January 24th Level One course at Belmar, and the Sunday, January 25th Level Two course at Jackson. Tuition is $60. Both locations are roughly 90 minutes away. For more details, please call Bill or Barbara Eames at 973-538-8226. Or go online directly to the Center for Self-Governance at http://www.tncsg.org/. We also have more details at http://libertyandprosperity.org/learn-skills-you-need-to-be-an-effective-and-persuasive-citizen-and-candidates-six-classes-in-nj-this-month/. Thanks.

These five issues for 2015 are very important.

1. Don?t raise county real estate taxes to bail out Atlantic City casinos?cut spending instead.
2. Don?t hike state gasoline tax?repudiate unconstitutional Transportation Trust Fund debt instead.
3. Don?t use Stockton College to bail out Showboat Casino. Repudiate unconstitutional debt. Cut tuitions in half.
4. Enforce immigration laws?best way to lower taxes, better jobs, higher wages.
5. Opt out of ?Common Core? curriculum by opting out of PAARC tests.

But we at least need your $30/$60 dues to make more people aware of them. Even if you can?t help in any other way, your $30 non-voting member dues for 2015 will make a big difference right away. Thanks.

More issues discussed on our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page at: https://www.facebook.com/libertyandprosperity. Our Facebook Page now has 4,578 likes?more than any other conservative blog in NJ.

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