Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map:  An Impartial, Up-To-Date Source of Information

Click here to view the Johns Hopkins “Coronavirus COVID-19” Interactive Map.

It shows the number of cases, deaths, and recoveries country by country, region by region.  It posts information reported by each country and region.  It is updated every few hours.  The yellow dots on the chart on the lower left show that three days before this March 18 posting, the number of cases outside Communist China exploded, and that cases outside Communist China now far exceed those inside.

Some countries like Communist China and Iran are suspected of under-reporting cases and deaths.

Some, like the United States, are accurately reporting deaths, but are underreporting cases, as mass testing here did not start until today, March 18, 2020.  For that reason, the number of reported deaths may be the most accurate view of the extent of the disease.

Some, like Israel, are reporting large number of cases (433 as of March 18, 2020) but zero deaths.   Zero deaths for so many cases may be the result of Israel testing a far larger percentage of its population, including people with few if any symptoms.

Some, like Taiwan, the only province of China not conquered and occupied by the Communist regime, show remarkably low cases and deaths (100 cases, and one death as of March 18, 2020) for a population of 23 million.  This may be because Taiwan was very early to start a travel ban with Communist China and take very aggressive measure taken to fight the disease.

Last week, Johns Hopkins removed its separate listing for Taiwan on the map as an independent nation.  That is because the Communist China regime still refuses to recognize the independence of Taiwan.  It uses bribes and threats against any government, institution, or corporation that openly recognizes Taiwan.  However, Johns Hopkins quickly changed its position and restored it Taiwan’s listing after receiving much criticism from the United States.

Rush Limbaugh stated that this site is his main source of information about the disease.

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