July 13, 2015: “Save Saturday, July 25 for Trevor Loudon”.

Nobody connects the dots better.??Trevor?will also release?latest ?on?Bernie Sanders,?the people around Hillary Clinton, and explain why “crony capitalist” corporations do nothing to help us.??2015-Loudon-Trevor-Glenn-Beck

Two Trevor Loudon Events on July 25:

9:30 AM Breakfast at Shore Diner
6:00 PM Dinner/Reception at Beachfront Home in Atlantic City

Price of 9:30 AM Breakfast:?? Please add $10 cover? to regular menu price and tip. (To reserve breakfast seat, please pay $10 before Friday, July 24 by check or PayPal on www.libertyandprosperity.org and be seated by 9:15 AM).

Price of 6:00 PM Dinner/Reception:? $100.? Address of beach block house/location to be sent when you make your reservation.??

Please pay by check to Liberty and Prosperity, 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ? 08244 or via PayPal at www.libertyandprosperity.org.

To learn more about Trevor Loudon, visit our webpage or go to Trevor Loudon’s page at?http://www.trevorloudon.com/.? Very few heard of him when he first came in 2012.?? When he came again in 2013, he packed Shore Diner, and we had to turn people away.

Like most Americans, Trevor Loudon once laughed at talk of worldwide Communist conspiracies?until he stumbled into them in his native New Zealand in 1984!?? Since then, he interviewed hundreds of people and studied thousands of pages of documents including once secret documents in Russia that were briefly open to the public during the 1990?s.

That is how he discovered similar networks with influential American officials and politicians.?Loudon described this in his two books ?The Enemies Within? and Barack Obama and the Enemies Within?.

Some big “crony capitalist” ?U.S.?corporations proving what?Communist leader Vladimir Lenin said in 1920?s:? ?The capitalist will sell us the rope we will hang him with?.

Why do both Democrats and Republicans both plan to double NJ gasoline tax AFTER November elections???? Only solution is to demand that NJ repudiate (refuse to pay) unconstitutional debt borrowed without voter approval as required by NJ Constitution.?? Until we finish setting up new website, www.repudiateNJ.com will point to our www.libertyandprosperity.org site.? Can you help us get the word out?

Stockton Students for Liberty and Prosperity:?? Several conservative/liberty Stockton College students want to form a club on campus. ??But they need a few more students to qualify.? If you are a Stockton student or know of a student who can help them, please contact us at info@libertyandprosperity.org.

Liberty and Prosperity Facebook Page???is now much more active and informative.??Seven of our members are now posting on a regular basis.??? Please visit and ?like? our page and ?like?, ?share?, and ?comment? on our posts.??? This will help us reach more people for less money.?? Right now, 5,560 people ?like? our page.? Last week, our posts had ?reach? about 15,000 people, and 1,695 people ?liked?, ?shared?, or ?commented? on one of our posts.

Donald Trump put some spring back in our step!??? Three weeks ago, our email update began ?We are beaten down. . . hopeless?.??? Those of us who did business with Trump in Atlantic City know his issues and limitations more than anyone.? But only Donald Trump could?force the Republican Party and national media to talk about problems of?massive illegal immigration.??Only Donald Trump could get so much attention from?biased national media and punch back like that.?? Even if? Trump does not make it as?quarterback, we can cheer for what he did on?offensive line!

This Saturday, July 18:? 9:30 AM Regular? Breakfast Discussion.?? (Shore Diner by Parkway Exit 36)? Betsy Nelson of Heritage Action will explain what her organization does, and how we can work together to advance common agendas.?? Her organization?s website is at:? http://heritageaction.com/

***Note.? We are proud to announce that Ocean County Tea Party of Manahawkin (Parkway Exit 63) will hold a special joint meeting with us on Saturday morning, July 25 so they can also hear Trevor Loudon.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director
453 Shore Road
Somers Point, NJ? 08244
(609) 927-7333

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