Just as NJ conservatives get better at winning June Primary Elections–Warren Buffett’s newspaper suggests they are “waste of money”.

Atlantic City (Atlantic County):?? Sharon Zappia, a conservative and Liberty and Prosperity member defeated establishment Republican candidate Mike Lopez.?? Zappia now has tough election fight against Democrat Chuen ?Jimmy? Cheng in November.

Morris County:?? The Democratic Union backed candidates won two of the three freeholder seats in the Republican Primary.

Stafford Township (Ocean County):?? All but one of the ?Common Sense Conservatives? were defeated by a few dozen votes.?? Only Council Candidate Steve Jeffries was successful.?? The conservatives won most districts that they canvassed, but lost heavily in the one district they did not do.?? Important lessons were learned.?? County-wide candidates for Assembly and Freeholder did not campaign, and simply offered their names to give Stafford conservatives better ballot position.? Still, these ?placeholder? conservative candidates each got roughly 20% of the vote.?? Special congratulations and praise to Eric and Esther Libenschek and Mike Mazzucca who showed excellent organization, leadership, and media skills.?? They came very close to unseating the entire Stafford Township government from mayor on down?and every political leader in Ocean County knows it.

Atlantic Highlands (Monmouth County): ?Ethical Republican? and conservative Jack Archibald, won Atlantic Highlands primary for mayor against Republican establishment ?in landslide.

West Milford (Passaic County):? Conservatives Mike Hensley, Tim Wagner, and Lou Signorino decisively defeated establishment Republican slate for mayor and two council seats.

Letting people, not bosses choose party candidates “waste of taxpayer money”??? Just as conservatives?learn skills of?June Primary elections to take back our government,? The Press of Atlantic City runs a front page story calling them a “waste of taxpayer money” because of low turnout.?? The Press is now owned by Warren Buffett, a “progressive” Democrat and Obama’s favorite billionaire.?? The Press gave virtually zero coverage to Primary Election process, and then complained of the low turnout.?? See article and our Facebook comments at https://www.facebook.com/libertyandprosperity

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