If We “Keep It In The Ground”, We Won’t Even Have “Green” Energy!

Serfs harvesting crops in 12th Century Europe:  Before widespread use of fossil fuels, there was only enough food in good times if men, women, and children work from sunrise to sunset six days each week.  Many died of hunger whenever there was too much or too little rain, or abnormal hot or cold hot or cold weather.

Most people in the world today are living longer, healthier, and more comfortable lives than most people during any other time in history. This is because cheap, abundant, and reliable energy from coal, oil, and natural gas give us cheap, abundant, and reliable food, clothing, housing, medicine, transportation, medicine, refrigeration, heat in winter, and cooling in summer.  Without energy from these “fossil fuels” (or nuclear power which is also opposed by most environmentalists), the poverty,  hunger, disease and wars for survival common during the Middle Ages and before will be part of day to day life for most people again.

Without fossil fuels, we will not even be able to make wind turbines, solar panels, or wires to bring electricity to homes, schools, hospitals, shops or factories.  They require tons of steel, copper, rare earth metals and concrete. These materials must be mined, refined , manufactured, and transported.  This requires far more energy than what can produced by wind turbines or solar panels.  Also, both wind turbine blades and solar panels are made with Plexiglas, a petroleum produce.

Roughly 6,000 products, including many medicines, are made from coal or oil.  We will no longer have them unless substitutes are found.  What are they?  Shouldn’t “New Green Advocates” tell us before they ban all fossil fuels?

For more information, please click the links below.

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Vaclav Smil:  “To Get Wind Power, You Need Oil!”

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