Why they attack and kill us. 12 simple facts about Islam.

?1.?????? ??Islam is Arabic for ?submission? or ?surrender?–not “peace”.?? The popular Muslim name ?Abdullah? means ?slave of Allah?.?? 2016-islam-submisson

?2.?????? ?Islam has? nothing in common with other modern world religions like Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism.??? Islam is like the Shinto cult that inspired Japanese to blindly obey their Emperor?and attack, kill,? rape, and rob people in neighboring countries during World War 2.2016-erogan-moderate-islam

?3.?????? Jihad is the religious duty of every Muslim to struggle against?all who are not yet Muslim.? All Muslim nations are in the ?Dar al Islam? (House of Islam/Submission).?? All non-Muslim nations are in the ?Dar al Harb? (House of War).?? It is the duty of every good Muslim help destroy the ?Dar al Harb?.?? 2016-moderate-islam-cartoons

?4.?????? All Muslims must submit to Islamic Law, known as ?sharia?.???

?5.?????? Sharia recognizes that it is not practical for Muslim nations to always be at war with non-Muslims.?? Leaders of Muslim nations can make a temporary ?Hudna? (truce/calm) with non-Muslim neighbors when they are not strong enough to defeat them.??? However, ?they must resume the war when they are strong enough to win.2016-muslim-coexist-not

?6.?????? Islam is stuck in the barbaric, cut-throat world of? Arabia 1,400 years ago.? Unlike Judaism and Christianity, Islam cannot evolve or adapt to a modern world of tolerance that respects individual liberty.???? Some 2,000 years ago, Jesus and his disciples/apostles taught that many barbaric and primitive laws of the Old Testament of the Bible no longer applied to Christians.??? At that same time, great Jewish rabbis like Hillel preached similar messages to Jews.??? That is why most Jews and Christians today embrace the Golden Rule, ?Love thy neighbor as thyself?, and reject many harsh and primitive laws written in the Old Testament of the Bible.?? Most conservative Christians and orthodox Jews today agree that God changes standards of behavior? as people become more enlightened and civilized.?? Their proof is?the Bible passage that describes Noah as ?a righteous man. . .? of his time?, ?and that Noah may not be so righteous by?today?s standards.??? However, Islam teaches that Mohamed was the ?last prophet?.?? Any Muslim who even suggests that Mohamed might teach something different if he were alive today is condemned to death?for blasphemy.

?7.?????? A non-Muslim who does not accept Islam is a ?kaffir? (unbeliever).?? Unless a kaffir is protected by a treaty, his life, property, women and children are not protected by Islam law.?? When there is no ?hudna? (truce), a good Muslim can attack, kill, rob, rape, or enslave a kaffir at any time.? 1700-muslim-slaves

?8.?????? Jews and Christians are not always ?kaffirs? and are sometimes protected.??? Any Jew or Christian who respects the supremacy of Islam and pays a ?jizrah? (special tribute or tax paid by Christians and Jews to Muslim rulers) is a ?dhimmi?, and is tolerated and protected.?? Jews and Christians lose that protected status and are treated as ?kaffirs?? if they fail to pay the proper tribute/tax and/or fail to treat Muslims or Islam with proper respect.? Many Muslim clerics and leaders of ISAS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) ruled that American Jews and Christians are now kaffirs because our Hollywood movies, songs and pop culture do not show proper respect for Islam, and are seducing Muslim youth.

?9.?????? ?The ruler of any Muslim nation can declare Jihad, or holy war, against any nation of kaffirs.? In 1998, Osama Bin Ladin as ruler of Al Qaida in Afghanistan issued a ?fatwa? (authorized ruling on Islamic law) that declared Jihad against America.??? Today, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is waging Jihad against America.??? Their instructions of Jihad have been distributed throughout the Muslim world using social media and can easily be found online in almost any language.flag-saudi-arabia-750px

?10.?? Because Jihad against kaffirs is ?the highest peak of Islam?,? Jihad offers instant redemption, wealth, fame, and meaning to troubled young Muslim men who have sinned and failed at everything else in life.?? Muslims who turn to religion after setbacks in their lives are often taught that a Muslim who is killed while doing Jihad is instantly washed clean of all sin with the first drop of his blood.??? Such a Muslim is a ?Shaheed? (martyr) and is guaranteed eternal life in paradise without going through judgment for past sins.?? His parents who were previously disgusted and disappointed with him are now honored and proud.???? He is a hero throughout the Muslim world, and streets, buildings, and babies are named after him.?? Muslim ?charities? make sure that his parents, wife, and children receive large cash payments.? (Troubled young? Jews and Christians get much different advice on how to turn their lives around when they turn to their religion.)2016-islam-convert-die

?11.?? Good Muslims look at the prophet Mohamed as an ideal role model.?? Nothing in the Koran tells Muslim men to have beards, but many Muslim men grow beards because Mohamed had a beard.??? Mohamed often use lies and deception to defeat and kill? his enemies,? and encouraged his followers to do the same.

?12.?? Good Muslims who believe and support these principles of Islam cannot be good Americans.?? Only ?bad? Muslims who reject their religion can be good Americans.?????? Unfortunately, many ?bad? Muslims (or their children) turn to their religion after setbacks in their lives.?? They are often the ?radicalized? Muslims who commit the most vicious terror attacks and murders of Jews and Christians.

?We invite you to use Google or any online search engines to fact check us.???? If you find anything to indicate that this is not a description of ?mainstream? Islam taught in every mosque and Islamic School from Arabia to Atlantic City, please let us know.

???????????????? For more details on specific topics:

The Arab Muslim Slave Trade of Africans– The Untold Story:? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zM_MzkLKPY

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?Pam Geller:? The Truth About Islam.


World War 2 U.S. Propaganda Movie “Our Job in Japan” showing similarities between Islam and Japanese Shinto warrior cult.? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgnZRVe38yw


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