Nine Basic Facts About Islam.

1. Islam is Arabic for “submission”, not “peace”. The popular Muslim name  “Abdullah”  means “slave” Allah.  Ironically, the Arabic word for slave is “abd” or “abeed”.  This same word also means a black African.

2.  Islam is fundamentally different from both Judaism and Christianity.  In Luke 10:25-28, Jesus taught that the essence of Judaism and Christianity was “You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself. Jews and Christians also embrace the Ten Commandments.  These basic teachings are not part of Islam, and particularly to not apply to “Kaffirs” or Non-
Believers.  Islam repeatedly justifies justifies murder, rape, robbery, theft, and dishonesty by “Believers” against “Kaffirs” or “Non-Believers”.

3.  There no accepted doctrine for “moderate” Islam.  There was never anything like the Christian Protestant Reformation in Islam.  The Koran, the Holy Book of Islam makes it clear that Mohammad was the “Last Prophet” of Allah and that everything he did and said 1400 years ago is the will of Allah today.  There is only one authentic Islam.

4.  Change or progress is recognized in Judaism and Christianity, but not in Islam.  It is common for Jews and Christians to question commandments given by God and actions approved by God that were written in the Bible some three thousand years ago.  It is common for Jews to say “What would  God want Moses to do today?”   A popular gospel song asked “What if Jesus came to your town today?”  Genesis 6:9 describes Noah as “a righteous man–blameless in his age”.  Jews and Christians interpret this to mean that Noah may have been considered righteous in barbaric times, but not by higher standards that came later.  This cannot happen in Islam.  Any person who dares to even suggest that Allah wishes something different today, or that Mohammad would do or say something differently if he were alive today is “making himself a Prophet” and rejecting Mohammad.  Any person who does that is heretic or blasphemer and is to be killed.  2016-erogan-moderate-islam

4.  Ever Muslim has a  duty to “struggle” against all Kaffirs or non-believers.  That “struggle” is called Jihad.  That struggle means doing everything possible to persuade Kaffirs to become Muslims by any means necessary.  That can be done through teaching, propaganda, by preaching, marriage, lies, bribes, threats, robbery, murder, or war.   All people who embrace Islam are said to live in “Dar al Islam”.  That means the House of Islam or House of Submission.  All Muslims who live in that House of Islam are supposed to live in peace.  Of course, Islamic countries are among the most violent in the world.  That is because there are often disputes as to what Allah wishes, and there is no tradition for resolving those disputes through open discussion, compromise, and tolerance for those who disagree.  All Kaffirs or Non-Believers are said to live in the “Dar al Harb”  or House of War.  It is the duty of every Muslim weaken or destroy the “Dar al Harb” in any way possible.    2016-moderate-islam-cartoons

5.  Islamic Law recognizes that it is not practical for Muslim nations to always be at war with non-Muslims nations, especially when non-Muslim nations are too strong.  Sharia permits leaders of Muslim nations to make a “Hudna” (a truce or temporary “calm”)  with non-Muslim neighbors until Muslims are strong enough to defeat them.  2016-muslim-coexist-not

5.  Muslims can tolerate Jews and Christians–but only if they “respect” Islam.  Jews and Christians are called “People of the Book” in Islamic Law.  They live in a special “Dar al Dhimmi” or “House of Protected Persons”.  Jews and Christians are allowed to practice their own religions, but only if they acknowledge the supremacy of Islam, and pay “jizrah”, a special tax or tribute to a Muslim ruler.  Any Jew or Christian who fails to show proper respect for Islam or who fails to pay the “jizrah” loses “Dhimmi” or protected status, and is in the same “Dar al Harb”, the House of War with all other Kaffirs (Non-Believers).  Many Muslim clerics and leaders of ISAS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) ruled that American Jews and Christians are now kaffirs because our Hollywood movies, songs and pop culture do not show proper respect for Islam, and are seducing Muslim youth.

4. All Muslims must submit to Islamic Law.  That law is known as “Sharia”.  Islamic Law cannot be found in the Koran alone.  That is because the Koran is a collection of revelations that were received at different times.  They often contradict each other.  The general rule is that the later instructions cancel the earlier instructions.  However, it is difficult to know which instructions came first because the Koran is not written in chronological order.  It is written in the order of length of the passage.  Short passages are written first, and longer passages are written later.  However, all revelations state that Mohammad was the Last Prophet or Messenger from Allah.  The only way to know the meaning of the Koran and Sharia or Islamic Law is to study the teachings and actions of Mohammad.  Those teachings and actions are written in two other books, the Hadith and the Sunna.  The Hadith describes what Mohammad said during his life.  The Sunna describes what he did, and how other responded to what Mohammad said and did.

5.  Islam does not recognize limited government or the freedom and unalienable rights of each individual.  The only government recognized in Islamic law is government by one Khalif or Caliph who determines the correct interpretation of  Islamic Law or Sharia Law, and imposes it on everyone under his control.  Abdulmecid II was the last Kalif or Caliph.  He held that position when he was the Sultan of the Turkish or Ottoman Empire until 1924.  There has not been a Khalif or Caliph since. Since then, Islamic leaders in Iran, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia have claimed to speak for the Islamic World and implied that the next Kalif of Caliph should come their country.

6.  The ruler of any Muslim nation can declare Jihad, or holy war, against any nation of kaffirs. In 1998, Osama Bin Ladin as ruler of Al Qaida in Afghanistan issued a “fatwa” (authorized ruling on Islamic law) that declared Jihad against America.  Later, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is waged Jihad against America. Their instructions of Jihad have been distributed throughout the Muslim world using social media and can easily be found online in almost any language.flag-saudi-arabia-750px

7.  Because Jihad against kaffirs is  “the highest peak of Islam” Jihad offers instant redemption, wealth, fame, and meaning to troubled young Muslim men who have sinned and failed at everything else in life. Muslims who turn to religion after setbacks in their lives are often taught that a Muslim who is killed while doing Jihad is instantly washed clean of all sin with the first drop of his blood. Such a Muslim is a “Shaheed” (martyr) and is guaranteed eternal life in paradise without going through judgment for past sins. His parents who were previously disgusted and disappointed with him are now honored and proud.  He is a hero throughout the Muslim world, and streets, buildings, and babies are named after him.  Muslim  “charitiess” make sure that his parents, wife, and children receive large cash payments.? (Troubled young? Jews and Christians get much different advice on how to turn their lives around when they turn to their religion.)2016-islam-convert-die

8.  Good Muslims look at the prophet Mohamed as an ideal role model. Nothing in the Koran tells Muslim men to have beards.  However, many Muslim men grow beards because Mohammad had a beard.  The  Hadith and Sunna often tell of how Mohammad used lies and deception to defeat and kill his enemies.  Therefore followers of Mohammad today are comfortable doing the same.

9.  Ramadan is a festival of  jihad, conquest, and martyrdom. Late March will see the beginning of the month of Ramadan, which, in addition to being a month of fasting and piety, is also associated with jihad and martyrdom. According to Muslim tradition, during Ramadan Allah grants the Muslims glorious victories, as exemplified by the fact that the great battles of Islam, such as the Battle of Badr in 624, the conquest of Mecca in 630, the conquest of Andalusia in 711, the battle of Ein Jalut in 1260, and the October 6, 1973 “War of Ramadan” fought by Egypt against Israel, as well as other victories – all occurred during Ramadan. Laylat Al-Qadr, one of the last nights of Ramadan, has been marked over the years by many terrorist attacks.

Last month, numerous mainstream news articles lamented that the Ramadan holiday this year was “marred by war in Sudan”.  This was ironic since the purpose of the Ramadan holiday is to remember and inspire jihad, conquest, and martyrdom !

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