Latest Radio Spot — 600,000 live in our District. Will anyone run against our Congressman Frank LoBiondo in June Primary?

Twenty-one years ago, Republican Frank LoBiondo was elected to Congress with a new Republican majority. Their ?Contract with America? promised a balanced budget and term limits.?? LoBiondo said he would leave Congress after twelve years?which was nine years ago.

LoBiondo and todays? Establishment Republicans broke those promises.?? They didn?t balance the budget.?? They instead ran a five trillion dollar debt up to eighteen trillion.? They ignored the Constitution, expanded federal programs, did nothing about illegal immigration and are still funding ObamaCare.Lobiondo

Although six hundred thousand people live in this district, nobody ever ran a serious campaign against him?except for Bill Hughes Junior, the son of our previous Democratic Congressman who was there for twenty years.

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