Atlantic County Republicans Now OK With Ocean Wind, Tucker Carlson Wrong On Hiroshima & Why 1945 Matters Today. Atlantic City Residents Fight Expansion Of Legal Marijuana Zone.

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Religion and the 1st Amendment: George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin all agreed. Judeo-Christian Bible values are foundation of American liberty and democracy. First Amendment never intended to keep them out of government or public life. Purpose of First Amendment was to stop federal government from using government funds to build and operate a particular church and pay salaries of clergy for a particular sect like in Europe.

1945. Truman. Hiroshima. Tucker Carlson. Why the Japanese would not have surrendered. Type “Hiroshima” in Search Bar at top of home page or click this link for previous posts that document and explain this. One of them is: Atomic Bombs On Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 Saved Millions of Lives – Liberty and Prosperity

We must teach our children what our parents and grandparents learned from bitter suffering and experience. There is evil in the world. Sometimes we must do evil things to end even greater evil. What happened in 1945 was important. Japan was possessed by an evil religion that glorified killing and dying for the Emperor. There was no way to stop this evil without the evil of the mass destruction of two atomic bombs. This saved millions of lives in 1945. Sadly, the evil of the Wahhabi/Salafi cult of Islam and Muslim Brotherhood groups like Hamas are very much like the Emperor Worship Shinto of Japan in 1945.

Above Image: Civil War Monument In Atlantic City, NJ. Dedicated in 1915, To Honor And Remember Those Who Fought And Died To End Slavery In America 50 Years After That War.

Joe Biden. Medal of Freedom to nice 93 year old woman who lobbied to make June 19 or “Juneteenth” a new federal holiday. First, government and woke corporate employees get too many paid holidays already! Democrats claim the Juneteenth holiday is to needed to “remind” Americans that Black slaves in Texas were not set free until June 19, 1865, more than two years after Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation went into effect. This ignores the fact that the Lincoln’s proclamation did not free any slaves! Black slaves in America were freed because more than 2 million white men and 180,000 Black men spent four years fighting to free them. Roughly 310,000 whites and 40,000 blacks died in that fight. They had to defeat armies of 750,000 white men in the South, of whom 250,000 had to die. Even so, Union soldiers did not win this war to end slavery until they caused mass hunger in the South by destroying crops in Virginia, Georgia, and South Carolina.

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Atlantic County Exec Denny Levinson explained why Atlantic County Republicans are OK with ocean wind turbines. Last week, Levinson wrote in the Press of Atlantic City and Ocean City Sentinel, “I initially believed offshore wind projects proposed off our coast sounded like a good dea with the expectation of as many as 3,000 new jobs. . . My only stipulation was concerns about tourism, marine life and fishing and boating. Four of the five Atlantic County shore towns voiced opposition to offshore wind, but I represent 23 towns. . . ”

The bottom line is that the New Jersey GOP is now controlled by big government contractors and big construction worker unions that depend on government projects funded by high taxes and government debt. Opponents of ocean wind spent too much time talking about whales and ocean view, and too little time explaining why wind and solar energy is useless. The only solution is expanding nuclear power plant at Salem, and re-opening the Oyster Creek nuclear plant in Lacey Township.

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Make connection between EV’s vs wind turbines.

Levinson indifferent on wind turbine scam? County commissioners won’t even pass resolution. Rates will rise significantly. Must consider re-opening nuclear facility.

Solar panels money laundering scam.

Cutbacks and layoffs at public schools. Why? Not enough state aid.

Suburban taxpayers subsidize Trenton and inner city.

1976. Perskie and Byrne. Property taxes.

AC pushing back against the expansion of legal cannabis. Selling weed in residential areas.

AC encouraging weed sales in order to support economic development.

AC had 3 boardwalk fires in past few months.

EHT crime. Teens, 19 & 17 yr olds, normalizing gun violence. Shooting from car. Media ignoring teens embrace of the culture of violence.

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