Liberty and Prosperity Members rally against Obamacare in D.C.

Some 50 Atlantic County residents were among the 8,000 people who attended a rally in Washington, D.C. Tuesday, 27 March to oppose the nationwide system of mandatory health insurance adopted by Congress two years ago at the urging of Democratic President Barack Obama.

The rally was sponsored by? Americans for Prosperity a national organization whose New Jersey chapter is headed by Steve Lonegan?a former mayor of Bogota and Republican candidate for Governor.? Dozens of local organizations, including Liberty and Prosperity a South Jersey group based in Somers Point.

?If the federal government can force people to buy insurance from a handful of companies it selects, it can do anything?, said Dennis Mahon, president of Liberty and Prosperity.??? ? The whole idea of our Constitution was that our national government have limited power to do only those things state and local governments could not do?.

Mahon said that although the constitutionality of the health care law is before the Supreme Court? ?it is well known that judges take public opinion into account in making their decisions?.

More than 20 buses came from New Jersey.???? ?We had enough people to fill a second bus.? Mahon said.? ?But unfortunately, too many people did not sign up until the last minute when it was too late to get one?.

  • Seth Grossman

    Seth Grossman is executive director of Liberty And Prosperity, which he co-founded in 2003. It promotes American liberty and limited constitutional government through weekly radio and in-person discussions, its website, email newsletters and various events. Seth Grossman is also a general practice lawyer.

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