Liberty–not higher taxes for “Economic Development”– creates prosperity!

A ?pro-business? Republican councilman bragged to the Somers Point Business Association yesterday that city council doubled the budget of the ?Economic Development Council? without raising taxes.? How??? By adding a 3% local hotel-motel tax to the 11% charged by state for total of 14%.? ?He said that NJ?s room tax is lower than that in other states.? Maybe, but NJ hotels and motels pay much higher property and business taxes. That same councilman said earlier he was ?disappointed? that investors would not fund a proposed new hotel on the main road between the Parkway and Ocean City.?? Help us teach that liberty?low taxes with simple rules that apply to everyone?creates prosperity.?? Not high taxes for most, with special ?economic development? deals for a few. ? Seth Grossman.

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