Liberty and Prosperity meets “Real Republicans of Bayonne” in Hudson County

Juan Puig, Anthony Zanowic, Michael Alonso, and Jack Butchko among others from “Real Republicans of Bayonne” who braved 8 degree cold and non-existent parking spaces to meet at Robert’s Cafe for a Liberty and Prosperity seminar last Thursday night. ? Besides being an attorney and former Atlantic City councilman and freeholder, Seth Grossman is an adjunct professor of U.S. History at Atlantic Cape Community College. ? ?Robert’s Cafe of Bayonne supplied the room, gourmet coffee and outstanding home made deserts. ? ?We began with a discussion of the “self-evident” truths of our Declaration of Independence and the “Liberty and Prosperity” motto and symbols of liberty depicted on our New Jersey state flag. ? We also explained how these basic ideas of American liberty have been attacked, ridiculed, and undermined by “progressive” Republicans and Democrats in the media, schools, and pop culture for more than a hundred years. ? We discussed the success of Donald Trump, and failure of Chris Christie and how we should respond. ? We finished with a nuts and bolts workshop on strategies and techniques for the June 6 Primary election. ? On that day, less than six months from now, New Jersey voters will nominate candidates for Governor, all 40 State Senators, and all 80 State Assembly members. ? ? If you would like a Liberty and Prosperity seminar in your county, please contact us at or (609) 927-7333.

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