Lies & Hate of ABC, Fox Radio “News” Just Like Hollywood’s “Birth Of A Nation” And Reckless Newspapers That Caused Lynchings In 1920s.

Above image is frame from video taken of the struggle between 25 year old Aumad Arbery and 34 year old Travis McMichael on 2/23/2020  in Satilla Shores, a waterfront suburb of Brunswick, Georgia.  The full video shows that Arbery had run around the truck on the right side of the road and passed both men.  He could have kept running (or walking) home.  However, as soon as he reached the front of the truck, Arbery suddenly ran to the left, crossed the double yellow line in the road, and attacked Travis McMichael from the side. The video shows the heavier and stronger Arbery punching McMichael and trying to take his gun away before the two fatal shots were fired.

Last Wednesday morning, ABC Radio “News” matter-of-factly reported that “Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August”.  That was a big lie.  The three men shot by Rittenhouse were not in any way “protesters”  They were part of a mob that was throwing rocks, breaking windows, setting fires, and attacking and beating business owners who tried to protect their property.  They were angry at 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse for helping a business owner protect his property by putting out their fires with a fire extinguisher.  At least one was carrying a loaded handgun.  The three were shot when they approached and physically attacked Rittenhouse.  This is all on video that was available to all news outlets for more than a year.

So why did ABC Radio “News” repeat the big lie that “Kyle Rittenhouse is on trial for shooting three protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin last August” every half hour in its “headline news” throughout the nation?   Didn’t they know that at least  jurors, witnesses, and their families in and around the court house would hear these lies?  Didn’t they know that this could influence the jury, and convict Rittenhouse for a crime he did not commit?   Wasn’t Leo Frank, the Jewish factory manager in Atlanta, Georgia lynched in 1915 because of the same kind of hateful lies printed as front page news?

Click here for link to Wikipedia post on Leo Frank lynching:  Leo Frank – Wikipedia

Last Thursday, Fox Radio “News” broadcast the same kind of hateful lies in its “headline news” every half hour about the murder trial in Brunswick, Georgia.  It repeated the big lie that “Three white men chased and shot a strange black jogger running through their neighborhood.  They said they thought he was a burglar”.  Once again this is not at all what is shown by the evidence, including two videos made of the incident.

The evidence includes police reports of several burglaries, in that neighborhood several weeks earlier, and efforts by neighbors to stop them.  A handgun was stolen in one of those burglaries, so neighbors had reason to believe the burglar may have been armed.  The evidence also includes two videos.  One of those videos shows 25 year old Aumad Arbery, walking, not running in the neighborhood, and walking into a house under construction.  Aumad did not start running until one of the neighbors approached Arbery to ask what he was doing there.   The neighbor then followed Arbery, called police, and took a video of Arbery on his cell phone.  He also asked two neighbors of his, 64 year old Gregory McMichael and his 34 year old son Travis, to drive up ahead and try to stop Arbery until police arrived.  The video shows that both Gregory and Travis were armed, but were not pointing their weapons at Arbery.  They repeatedly said that just wanted to talk to him.

When Arbery reached them, he had several choices.  He could have stopped and explained what he was doing.  He could have waited for police.  He could have kept running out of the neighborhood.  He could have walked out the the neighborhood.   The video shows that Arbery decided to run to the right, run around the truck, and then attack one of the neighbors who was holding a shotgun.  The video shows Arbery throwing punches at the neighbor, and trying to pull the gun away from him.  During the struggle over the weapon, three shots were fired, and Arbery was killed.

This was certainly a tragedy.  It was certainly caused by rash action by all involved.  However, the Fox Radio “News” broadcast was a big lie.  Its statement that  “Three white men chased and shot a strange black jogger running through their neighborhood” is not close to the truth.  It is also deliberately designed to promote hatred against the three whites.

As with ABC Radio News on Wednesday, Fox News repeated that lie in nationwide broadcasts every half hour, all day long Thursday.   Didn’t the news directors realize that they were influencing the jury with lies that could deprive these three men of a fair trial?  Why did Fox News keep reporting that Gregory and Travis McMichael and the neighbor who called them were white, and that Arbery was black?  Doesn’t Fox News, like most media, have a policy of not mentioning the race of alleged perpetrators and victims in its crime stories?

Last year, the national media, included the Associated Press and Press of Atlantic City ran hateful, dishonest stories for months, blaming “white racism” for Mr. Arbery’s death, with no evidence to support that claim.   Below is the link to a an article I posted at that time.  Please view the videos yourself and let us know what conclusions you draw.

Are Today’s Media As Biased Against White Males As KKK Propaganda Was Biased Against Black Males in Old South? – Liberty and Prosperity

(Posted to website on May 13, 2020.)


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