Lyft Joins Media, Hollywood, Schools & Other Big Corporations To Promote Big Lie of “Systemic Racism” In US

George Floyd was killed by a bad cop who didn’t get fired because Minneapolis had a corrupt and mismanaged city government run by Democrats.  The police chief was black.  Three years earlier, a white women was senselessly shot to death by a black police officer in that same police department.  Civil service laws and public employee unions also make it almost impossible to fire bad cops.  And bad teachers.  And bad public health experts. Neither slavery nor “systemic racism” had anything to do with it.

And yet big corporations like Lyft repeat the lies of the media, Hollywood, and academics that “systemic racism” is causing violence, poverty, and misery in black communities.  If they really wanted improve things, they would instead spend their money to teach real history instead of the fake history that has saturated the last three generations of Americans.

They would make young Americans aware of the freedom and opportunities blacks found when they escaped the Democrat South and found a “New Promised Land” in Atlantic City and other prosperous towns in the Republican North during the “Great Migration” of 1870 to 1930.  They should teach of the achievements of the Harlem Renaissance and of the many successes in each black community in the North.  Like Sarah Spencer Washington of Apex Beauty Supply in Atlantic City and John McKee who built McKee City in Egg Harbor Township.

They could help young Americans learn that the problems of blacks in America today are not the result of slavery or “systemic” or “institutional” racism.  They are instead the predictable result of socialism.  Until President John F. Kennedy was murdered in 1963, blacks in America were rapidly approaching equality with whites in every area.

Lyft and other big corporations the use their resources to each that today’s violence, poverty  and misery in many black communities comes not from slavery of the 1860’s, but massive welfare, fraud, corruption, and open borders that the Democratic Party brought to America in the 1960’s,

The only “institutional racism” we have in America today is when better qualified whites and Asians are denied opportunities so colleges and businesses can meet “diversity” quotas.

It also seems like black lives matter only when a needless death is caused by someone who is white or a police officer.  There was no outrage last weekend when 80 blacks were shot in Chicago and 21 died because they were shot by other blacks.  There was no praise for the white police officers who rushed into dangerous black neighborhoods to stop others from being shot.



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