What made U.S. so different from Mexico, Spanish South and Central America?

On 4/19/2017. John Longinetti of Little Egg Harbor published this Letter to the Editor in the Press of Atlantic City.

?Calling Mexican people ?immigrants? doesn?t seem accurate.? ?Mexicans? were Americans centuries before Europeans arrived here.? The earliest explorers from Europe who settled in America were Spanish, and their language was also Spanish?.

Don?t blame him.? Longinetti simply repeated the lies that American schools, colleges, and pop-culture have used to to indoctrinate young people for the past 50 years.???? That is why so many Americans today have no clue as to what made America such a free, prosperous, just and exceptional country for so many years.?? They have no clue as to how fundamentally different the Spanish colonies of Mexico and South America were from the English colonies that became the United States.




Here is a list of differences I prepared when I taught U.S. History at Atlantic Cape Community College last year:

Top image:?? Pilgrims land at Plymouth in 1620.??

Bottom Image:? Spanish conquest of Chile in 1540.

ENGLISH/NORTH AMERICA???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? SPANISH/MEXICO-SOUTH AMERICA

#1.? Mostly Protestant– Independent Bible study important.??????????? #1.? 100% Catholic.? Only priests could instruct.

#2. Religious Tolerance. ? Losers of European religious welcome ? ? #2.? Inquisition enforced in colonies as well as Spain/Portugal.

#3.? Years of hard work to get rich from farming, fishing, trade. ? ? ? #3.? Quick easy riches by robbing gold, silver,? trade routes to Far East

#4.?? Anyone who worked hard and saved could get rich.?????????????????? #4.? Only handful of inside nobility could get permits for land and trade in America

#5.?? English who settled in American did favor for king.???????????????????? #5.?? King did favor to his friends by giving them permission to get rich in America.

#6.?? Cheap land for anyone willing to settle in America.??????????????????? #6.??? Big land grants for only a few insiders, noble friends of king.

#7.?? Few if any licenses or permits needed for business? or trade.???? #7.??? License or permit needed for almost every trade or business.

#8.?? Very little government, very low taxes ???????????????????????????????????????????? #8.?? Powerful Viceroys (Deputy Kings) had same power, taxes as in Spain

#9. Written Charters define/limit govt. power. ?????????????????????????????????????? #9.? No limits on government power

#10.? No taxes on settlers unless their elected officials agreed.???????????? #10.? Appointed officials of king could impose any tax, on any person, any time.

#11. Some slavery in some, mostly southern colonies.???????????????????????????? #11.? Massive enslavement of Indians in all Spanish colonies,? then African slaves.

#12. Most boys and girls taught to read so they could read Bible.???????? #12.? Only priests and children of nobles and elites taught to read.

#13. ?Boundless opportunity? for all except black slaves in South* ??????? #13.?? Only handful of inside nobles picked by king permitted to profit.

*Abraham Lincoln recognized God’s just punishment of war,

destruction for this sin in Second Inauguration Speech 1865.

#14. Tradition of English Civil War, defying ?unjust? laws ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?? #14. ?? Tradition of submitting to authority

#15.? Settled in lands already empty (Most Indians dead from disease)#15.? Spanish murdered and enslaved massive numbers of Indians.

#16.?? Virtually every European settler armed and trained for military. #16.?? Only nobles and professional soldiers armed and trained.

#17.?? European men only married European women.???????????????????????????????? #17.? Spanish killed, enslaved native men and took their women.

#18.? European women scarce, valued, respected, empowered.???????????????? #18.? Spanish American women dominated and abused.

#19.? Unique personality of George Washington shaped Americans**.?????? #19.?? Spanish-American leaders controlled govt. after independence wars over.

**Washington resigned from army, returned to his farm after war.

Then helped write U.S. Constitution to limit power of future government officials.



Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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