March 6, 2016 Email Update–Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Monthly Business Board Meeting on March 12

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Former Bogota Mayor, Governor Candidate Steve Lonegan to promote Ted Cruz at Shore Diner tomorrow, Thursday, March 10 from 9 am to 11:30am.

Business/Board Meeting this Saturday, March 12 at Shore Diner starting 9:30 A.M.

Lonegan will talk about Ted Cruz, the campaign, and will look for help in collecting petition signatures to put Cruz and his delegates on June 7 Primary Election ballot in NJ. This is NOT a Liberty and Prosperity event. Our education group does not and cannot endorse or support any candidates. We are posting this notice only to advise our members of important Presidential campaign events in this area.

We encourage our members to learn about our principles, learn about the candidates, and support candidates who support our principles. We make similar announcements for all candidates who appear to support our basic principles. At the moment, it appears that most of our members support Donald Trump, although many support Ted Cruz.

Business/Board Meeting this Saturday, March 12 at Shore Diner starting 9:30 A.M. Non-voting members and donors are encouraged to attend and participate–and upgrade to full, voting member status. For details (and to suggest items to be placed on agenda for discussion and action), please contact us at Thanks.

We lost Mel ?Nate of Northfield? Nathanson 12 days ago. ?Nate? was one of our most active members for more than ten years. He helped us raise needed funds. He consistently promoted our ideas with short, effective calls on talk radio, and published letters-to-the-editor in local newspapers. One of his best letters was published in the Press of Atlantic City on the day of his funeral.

?Nate? grew up in a row house in the Oxford Circle section of Northeast Philly. He was respected as one of the best managers for the nationwide Jamesway chain of discount department stores for many years. When the chain declined, he was admired for both efficiency and compassion in closing and liquidating failed stores.

“Nate” applied Liberty and Prosperity principles to form a New Republican Club in Northfield, and helped elect its candidates.

Many of our members attended ?Nate?s funeral last week and formed an honor guard at his synagogue. One member, Ginny Nelson honored ?Nate? by publishing an effective Letter to the Editor in the Press of Atlantic City yesterday based on opinions “Nate” often expressed.

Three days after ?Nate?s? funeral, Debra Kurtz (mother of Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz) sent us a $25 contribution ?in honor of Nate Nathanson?. She wrote ?I couldn?t think of anything more honorable than contributing towards Liberty and Prosperity. He was such an outspoken advocate for American Freedom and the Constitution. May his spirit live on?. Nate?s son, Brad Nathanson contributed $500 to our organization the following day.

Thanks to these contributions and the great response to our February fundraiser with Michael Cutler, we paid all our bills and now have $15,000 in our treasury. We normally maintain a $10,000 reserve for urgent action. Bruce Barkoff, our treasurer said, ?Now we have something to work with!?

Although we are pleased, the money we raised so far covers only 40% of our budget–enough to last us until June. If you haven’t done so, please pay the very affordable non-voting membership dues of $30 for 2013. Please use the PayPal button on our website. Or send your check for 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244 or bring it to a Saturday breakfast meeting. Thanks.

Shopping on Amazon? Why not donate a portion of your purchase price at no cost to you? Simply sign up through and designate Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. as your charity!

We had ten students at our Liberty and Prosperity Club at Stockton College last Wednesday. The Club meets on the 1st Wednesday at 6PM, and 3rd Thursday at 4:30PM of every month on campus. Economic Professor Michael Busler is its faculty advisor. The next meeting will be Wednesday, April 6 because of Spring Break next week. The goal is to send emails and flyers or postcards explaining our group to as many students as we can before the next meeting. Please contact us at if you can supply us with emails of students who may be interested. We also need an effective flyer or postcard design to that our student volunteers have something to hand out when they request student emails. We have also budgeted a stipend for students who canvas the campus for signatures. If you know of any students who may be interested, please let us know. Thanks.

Atlantic City?s water department is run by an independent utility?The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority (ACMUA). It is charges way too much for water and hook-ups. That is because it is run by an overpaid political hack, and stuffed with dozens of highly paid public employees who are not needed. Now is the time to fire its useless director and the political hacks. The over-priced water rates should be immediately cut so more people can afford to live, build, and do business in Atlantic City.

But Republican Governor Christie and Democrat Senate President Sweeney have other ideas. They are bullying local officials into selling Atlantic City’s water department to a private company or other government authority run by them. To get political support, they are making deals to keep all the political hacks and have the new water company raise rates even higher to pay for them–and its inflated purchase price–and the lucrative “transaction fees” for Wall Street banks and lawyers! The only real solution for Atlantic City: Bankruptcy! That is the only way to get rid of useless employees, bring salaries and pensions down to normal levels–and to repudiate unsustainable debt!

?A state constitutional amendment to force new taxes to pay public employee pensions would crush the state economy to enrich a handful of insiders. NJ pensions are broke because they pay based on highest salary years, not what they contributed during most of their career. More than 2,000 NJ retirees are collecting $100,000 annual pensions. Some higher. Some retired as early as age 47. Because of this, NJ public employee pension funds are roughly $180 billion short. . . ? Ginny Nelson was inspired by “Nate” Nathanson to compose and submit this letter, which was published by Press of Atlantic City, March 8, 2016.

Respectfully submitted, Seth Grossman
Executive Director
(609) 927-7333

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