March 7, 2014 Why won’t anyone tell the truth on why NJ pension funds are broke?

Board/Business Meeting Tomorrow–March 8 (2d Saturday of month) 9:30 A.M.? Shore Diner, Tilton & Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.??? All voting and non-voting members may participate.??Why not join us??? For?meeting agenda/membership requirements, please call (609) 927-7333 or email Thanks.

This Tuesday,?March 11:??Special school election in Ocean City to?borrow $2.5 million over 10 years–and pay?interest and?”transaction fees” to Wall Street.???This borrowed money will pay part of?$6.7 million? for scheduled?maintenance?—replace?roof, generator, hot water boiler, etc.?? government will pay $2.4 million.???????Until ten years ago, school districts?only borrowed for new buildings–not maintenance.???Every condo board member has legal duty to set aside?enough?reserves each year for repairs like this.? Years ago, Steve Lonegan warned that towns could no longer afford repairs?when Democrat Governor MccGreevey forced every town and school district to hire only union contractors or?follow expensive and wasteful union work rules with “Project Labor Agreements”.??? Republican Governor Christie won Democrat support by doing same thing.?? Also, why is the state bailing out a rich?town like Ocean City which collects most taxes from?vacation homes that don’t cost anything for schools????If we had liberty, all state money would be paid?equally to each town based on the number of students.????But?we have tyranny instead.?? Only a few?”lucky” ?towns get? the ?grants?,? and?Governor can use that money to?reward “friends” and punish enemies.?? Both Republicans and Democrats ignore clear language in State Constitution designed guarantee equal treatment for everyone.

Center for Self Governance, a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization, will begin training citizen activists in New Jersey March 13 AND 14 in Whippany, Morris County, and March 15 in Medford, Burlington County.??? These are serious 8 hour sessions that are inspirational, informative, and useful to anyone?serious about doing, instead of talking and sending angry emails.?? There is a $50 fee, and a homework assignment.??? Several of our members are going.? Please contact us at or (609) 927-7333 to share a ride with others going from Atlantic County.?? See videos and learn more about this project at??website for national organization ? Morris County Patriots announcement at

Do you want to attend this program in Atlantic County???? The organizers can set up an extra session in South Jersey on Sunday, March 16, from Noon to 8PM–but only if we put it together.?? We would need to get a location, and guarantee attendance of 12 people at $50 per person.?? So far, one person agreed to attend.?? If you want to participate or organize this event, please contact Seth Grossman today at 609-927-7333 or

Last year, the College Board was worried by?low SAT score?that showed most high school seniors could not do??college work.??See Last week, they?fixed the problem–by dumbing down the tests!?? See There will be no essay, simpler language will be used, and ?the math section will draw on fewer topics?.??? This is? ?to help bridge economic and demographic barriers?.?? The new test will also encourage guessing by removing penalties?for wrong answers.?? The SAT test will go well with the new ?Common Core? curriculum.???This is part of Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America”.?? Work, preparation,?achievement,?and success mean nothing.? Diversity, ethnic background, and political correctness mean everything.?? Speaking of Common Core, our vice-president?Charles Fischer and his wife were shocked to find it?in their kids’?local Catholic school when they tried to avoid it in public school.

Front page article in Press of Atlantic City:????N.J. farmers say immigration reform crucial?.?? The one- sided article quotes a Farm Bureau ?lobbyist who claims that unless we give amnesty to 30 million illegal immigrants, NJ farmers won?t find ?a stable, seasonal workforce?.?? See: ?Questions:? #1:? Why do we need year-round illegal immigrants for ?seasonal? work??? #2:? Isn?t the real problem persuading?youngm?healthy Americans who chose not to get educated that?they are entitled to food, housing, heating, electricity, and health care without working.????Why front page treatment for this story???? To give Republican Frank LoBiondo cover when he and House Speaker John Boehner work with Democrats to ram through amnesty?

Republican leaders and?Frank LoBiondo just froze?out conservatives and partnered with radical left Democrats including Maxine Waters of California.??? They busted federal budget for fourth time in less than a year?to?subsidize cheap flood insurance at the shore for a few more years.??? See ? Will Republican leaders also join with radical left Democrats to push through immigration amnesty in?the next few weeks?

Inconvenient truths about public employee pensions in New Jersey.?? #1.?? The pension funds are hopelessly insolvent.?? They are run as a Bernie Madoff scheme where money from younger workers is not invested,?but is instead immediately?paid out to current retirees.?? #2.?? Article 8, Section 2 of N.J. Constitution says?NJ taxpayers can NOT be forced to bail out insolvent pension funds, because those pensions were never approved by voters.? ?#3.? While Governor Christie blames pension problems on past politicians, the truth is that ?NJ pension funds are broke because many employees (a) collect pensions as early as age 52, and (b) pay peanuts into pension funds with low-pay, part-time jobs for most of their careers, but collect based on high-pay political jobs they got in the last three years before they retired.?? Simple solution:? ?No pension payments until age 66, and cap pensions at $50,000.?? Why won’t any?Democrat or Republican leader?say so?

Atlantic City and County taxes ?in death spiral.??? For 30 years, roughly a dozen casino properties paid about 80% of Atlantic City and half of Atlantic County budget.? But with casinos assessed at $800 million now selling for $60 million, and with two casinos now closed, they are paying far less.??? Everybody else must pay the difference.??? With NJ taxes, tolls, beach fees, high prices and bad roads chasing tourists away in a bad economy, business is down, casinos are closing down and laying off.?? Most private employees and business owners are earning 20% to 30% less.?? If most people can?t even afford the taxes they were paying before, how can they pay extra to make up for the casinos?
Only immediate tax and spending cuts of 30% to 40% can avoid disaster.?? But instead, Democrat Freeholder Colin? Bell and Republican Freeholders Alex Marino and John Risley brag? of their new ?bare-bones? county budget of $196.6 million with an increase of ?only? 1.4% over last year.?? Taxes are so high in Atlantic County that many families can?t to keep their home ?even when Habitat for Humanity gives them one for free!

Do you agree with us on any of these issues???Then please don’t keep it to yourself!??? Forward this email to your friends, share it on Facebook.?? Post it on your “Patch” or other local blog.?? Most important, repackage it?as a 150 to 200 word Letter to the Editor of your local paper.?? You have our permission!? If you need more back-up info, contact us at or (609) 927-7333.? Tips for good letters and email addresses of major NJ papers are posted on home page of and will soon be posted in “Learn” and “Engage” sections linked to home page.

Be a liberty candidate.? Help a liberty candidate.?? Most Americans, even here in New Jersey, support most of our Eight Point Liberty Program posted in the lower right corner of? But most members of the Republican and Democrat political elites oppose us.? It is nothing personal, just business.?? Independent, self-reliant, informed citizens who don?t want or need favors from politicians are a threat to their money and power.? But being an effective, winning candidate takes planning and skill.? As with everything else, failing to plan means planning to fail.

There are real opportunities for conservatives to win in the low-turnout, low budget primary elections on June 3.?? Nominating petitions must be filed by March 31.?? Forms requesting slogans and bracketed slates must be filed by April 2.

Please report any errors, including failed links to Please also use that email address to report any items that should be posted on our website or Liberty and Prosperity facebook page or in our next email update.? Thanks.???? Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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