March with in Atlantic City Salutes the Armed Services Parade this Wednesday

Why it is important for you and your kids/grandkids/nieces/nephews to march with us in parade down Atlantic City Boardwalk this Wednesday.

1.?????? March with us on the Atlantic City Boardwalk this Wednesday at 5:30 P.M. for the Military Appreciation Day Parade.?? The parade begins on the Boardwalk? near the Showboat Casino near? the northern (uptown/Inlet) section of the Boardwalk.?? We will march or walk south for about two miles to Albany Avenue.?? You can park free at either the beginning of the parade route at the vacant lot at New Jersey and Pacific Aves.??? Or at the Atlantic Club Hotel (ACH) parking lot at Albany and Atlantic Ave.?? Jitneys make regular runs up and down Pacific Avenue for $2.25 exact change.?? We will attempt to co-ordinate rides.?? Please contact Dennis Mahon at (609) 204-2511 or or Doug Stroz at (609) 432-7322 or ?This is important to co-ordinate rides, and to make sure we have enough poles, caps, and sashes.??? We will assemble at 5:30 P.M.?? You should recognize us by the wooden poles draped with red caps we will be holding.?? The parade begins at 6:30 P.M.?? We are scheduled to be in the middle of the parade, and will probably start walking about an hour later..

2.????? Why is it important to march with us???? Although we are one of the largest and most active organizations in South Jersey, and represent the views of many citizens, we are completely ignored by the daily newspaper and TV station.???? By being part of a visible event seen by roughly 100,000, the public sees who we are without the media?and there is a chance that a ?random act of journalism? may put us on TV or in the paper.

3.????? We need a minimum of 24 marchers to make an effective presentation.?? Anything less makes us look weak and ineffective.?? Anything more makes us appear very strong.??? We carry the symbolic wooden pikes draped with the red liberty caps that were symbols of the American Revolution, and which are held by the Goddess of Liberty on the New Jersey State Flag.??? If you are not familiar with why we carry these symbols at these events, go to ??? ??We have roughly 20 symbolic wooden pikes and liberty caps.? You are encouraged to make and bring your own.? We also have red-white-blue sashes to wear.?? Please do not wear any special ?patriotic? clothing.??? The most effective presentation is ordinary citizens wearing red-white-blue sashes carrying wooden symbolic pikes draped with the? red liberty cap.?? ??If you have school or college age children, grandchildren, nieces, or nephews, this is a perfect way to introduce them to our world of Liberty.?? And it is a good way to show that there is more to the Tea Party Movement than ?angry old white males?.

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