Grosssman Weekly Radio Report : Florida v. NJ, GOP Despotism Led To Democrats Murphy & Marty Small, Teacher/Librarian Union Threat To Elected School Boards.

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Some topics discussed:

Driving on Florida’s Route A1A from Collins Ave. in Miami Beach to Ocean Blvd in Fort Lauderdale. Thirty miles of economic boom, new construction, clean, relaxed, safes streets, sidewalks, parks and restaurants. Compare with a 30 mile drive from Wildwood to Atlantic City. Atlantic City streets like third world country with look of Zombie Apocalypse. In Atlantic City, the building of a new carwash was front page news of “redevelopment”. in NJ, almost all new construction funded by government.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small and his wife, Public School Superintendent LaQuetta Small charged with abusing teenage daughter. Not making judgment until all facts come out. But schools, media and Hollywood pop culture make parenting difficult by turning children against parents. Part of 100 year Communist and now “woke” political agenda to have children raised by government, not parents.

The political problem with Marty Small is despotism. NJ’s motto is Liberty and Prosperity. Liberty brings prosperity. Despotism brings poverty, violence and misery. Liberty is where each individual follows the same rules and has opportunities to succeed or fail based talent, training, preparation, and the decisions he or she makes. With despotism, government officials reward people they like and punish people they don’t. Success or failure depends on getting special favors from the government. Political insiders get rich from government jobs, contracts, permits, and financing not available to anyone else. Outsiders need not apply. This did not start in NJ with Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy and Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small. Republican Gov. Chris Christie and previous GOP Mayor Don Guardian also made insiders rich while running illegal budget deficits that added roughly $400 million of debt to Atlantic City taxpayers.

When previous GOP mayor Guardian broke the state budget law, he was rewarded with millions of state “discretionary” and “redevelopment” funds. When Democrat Mayor Small failed to repair streets and Boardwalk, he was rewarded with millions in highway and coronavirus relief money to rebuild them.

Sheriff Eric Scheffler. Rewarded for losing election with a top position at CRDA (Casino Reinvestment Development Authority). Last week, former Atlantic County Commissioner John Carman suggested on Facebook that Democrats usually use patronage to increase their power, while Republicans use patronage to reward personal friends and family members. Is he right?

CRDA set up in 1978 to dish out 2% “redevelopment” tax on gross Atlantic City casino win. Works exactly like the “skim” of Las Vegas casino winnings used by Bugsy Segal to pay back his gangster friends in 1940’s. (Bugsy Segal was portrayed as Moe Green in Godfather movie).

Very Orwellian. “Freedom to Read Act”. A bill is pending. What books should go into your school library? Click Here For Details: Teacher/Librarian Unions Back New NJ Law To Control School Libraries – Liberty and Prosperity

MLS Master of Library Science. Often select far left people. Pushing WOKE agenda.

Gender confusion. Parents vs kids. Sexual orientation.

No books about successful white males; Carnegie, Rockefeller.

Parents waking up. Taking back school boards. Want balance restored.

NJEA will decide for you, but parents want traditional values to be taught.

Seth to give a seminar on May 13. How to win school board elections.

Another fire under the boardwalk. Central Pier. One homeless death.

Liberty comes with responsibility.

The fraud of DEI. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Anti-American. Promoting social justice.

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