Mass Deportation of Illegal Migrants Needed, WPG Radio.

On Tuesday, Feb 13, Seth Grossman gave a speech on the critical need for immigrations limits and mass deportations. He shared the story on WPG Radio with host Harry Hurley.

Seth Grossman is the founder and executive director of

The American people are not ready for mass deportation. America’s survival depends on mass deportation.

Slow, methodical easing of immigration limits starting in 1965. Courtesy of Ted Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.

Today, migrants are not being properly vetted.

These are not migrants, but invaders. Your grandchildren will be minorities in their own country.

The problems with elections. Many issues started in 1980 with Ronald Reagan. ‘Can’t let someone like Reagan in again.’

Mail-in ballots. Voting on more than one day. The rise of ballot harvesters. In-person voting is most secure. Fewer chances to exploit loop holes.

Craig Callaway will be the featured speaker at Liberty and Prosperity’s annual fundraiser.

Craig Callaway’s real crime? He used legal techniques to help elect Republican, Jeff Van Drew to Congress.

Saturday, Feb 17. at Josie Kelly’s in Somers Point.

Grossman is a Somers Point Attorney, former Atlantic City Councilman and former Atlantic County Freeholder. He is well-known for being outspoken on issues that rarely get covered in local mainstream media news.

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