May 26, 2017 – NJ Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur is no conservative–but deserves our support.

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NJ Republican Tom MacArthur is not conservative. But he deserves our thanks?and support.

Two months ago, Republican leaders in Congress (including South Jersey Congressman Frank LoBiondo) met in secret and tried to ram through an Obamacare replacement that was just as bad as Obamacare. ? They were stopped only by the determined opposition of some three dozen conservative Congress members known as ?The Freedom Caucus?.

For weeks,?it looked like no repeal of Obamacare was possible. ? That was when our own Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur of Ocean/Burlington County stepped forward and became a game-changer.

Tom MacArthur reached out to conservatives in the Freedom Caucus and found common ground with Republican moderates. ? MacArthur?almost single handedly worked out the compromise that includes some very good conservative ideas. ?If Republicans in the Senate do their part, MacArthur?s bill can bring free markets, competition, better care, and lower prices back to our health care system.

The Republican Establishment is now punishing MacArthur for doing the right thing.??Earlier this week, they forced MacArthur out of the ?Tuesday Group?? some 40 ?moderate? Republicans who include anti-conservative NJ Republican Congressmen like Leonard Lance, Frank LoBiondo, and Chris Smith. These ?Tuesday Group? Republicans are generously funded by ?the swamp? that Trump promised to drain.

It is not enough to just criticize and politicians when they?oppose us.??We must also thank, support, and help officials when they do the right thing–even when they are not Constitutional or conservative on some other issues.?? That is why every conservative in New Jersey should now publicly thank and support Republican Congressman Tom MacArthur.

The compromise package he put together is not the simple and complete repeal we favored.?? However, it is much better than what we have now.? It also gives President Trump and the states new power to restore individual choices and costs in the future.??? Finally, it?also won recognition and respect for conservative, Freedom Caucus members who are too often ignored or marginalized by Establishment Republicans.

Please contact Tom MacArthur’s office and thank him yourself.? Please visit is webpage for contact information at

Also, please forward copy, paste, email, ?like? and ?share? this post with everyone you know in MacArthur?s district of?Ocean and Burlington Counties.? Please do it every way you can.

Please post your support in the comments section of newspapers like?the Asbury Park Press at You can submit a letter of 200 words or less for publication there to

For more information or help, please contact me at or at (609) 927-7333.

And lets talk more about it over breakfast.?? This and every Saturday morning at the 6710 Tilton Road, Egg Harbor Township/Northfield, NJ.?? Thanks.

The Governor’s Race:?? Conservatives have no interest in who gets the Democratic nomination this year.?? At the debates, all Democratic candidates agreed, “We are all progressives!”.?? Here is the latest Stockton University poll for June 6 Republican primary:

Kim Guadagno:?? 37%

UNDECIDED:??????? 31%

Jack Ciattarelli:??? 18%

Steven Rogers:????? 4%

Joseph Rullo:???????? 3%

Hirsh Singh:?????????? 3%

Republicans have 12 days to stop this trainwreck.? Guadagno is tied to a very unpopular Christie. She also improperly let top officials collect both salaries and state pensions as Monmouth County Sheriff.? Many local Republican officials privately worry that Guardagno will be an anchor around the neck of every Republican candidate in Atlantic County this November. But they publicly support her.

Polls eight years ago showed only 11% of Republicans undecided in the primary battle between Chris Christie and conservative Steve Lonegan. Today, 31% are undecided. That is more than enough to tip the election to conservative Jack Ciattarelli.

However, this poll indicates that there are not enough undecided voters to elect Rogers, Rullo, or Singh. ? The only way Ciattarelli can defeat Guadagno is if most undecideds and some Rogers/Rullo/Singh supporters switch to conservative Ciattarelli.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director. Liberty and Prosperity


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