The Enormous Costs of Governor Murphy’s Proposed Energy Plan

Industry group says green energy means businesses will pay more


  • Why are electric rates increasing and subsidies required for solar and wind? These are allegedly the cheapest forms of electricity in history (1). Rates should be decreasing!
  • New Jersey nuclear subsidies are $300 million per year for a maximum of ~3250 MW of power. Solar subsides are $750 million to $1.2 billion per year for 3650 MW (2). The state plan is for 17,000 MW of solar power so subsides should increase substantially as solar installations increase.
  • What are the costs of transmission lines to connect the wind and solar arrays to the grid? What are the costs of the storage batteries required to make the wind and solar power reliable? Are these costs included in the chemical industry analysis or are they additional?
  • Energy affects every activity and product in the state. Increasing its cost increases the cost of every everything in the state. State pricing to make industry pay most of the higher costs will just bankrupt or drive out industry and decrease available jobs. The remaining people and jobs will just pay higher prices.
  • The NJBPU will not publish estimated costs or final costs of wind energy! No one enters billion dollar contracts without reasonably firm cost estimates.
  • The NJBPU is still placing wind contracts and committing ratepayers to 20 years of unknown and possibly unaffordable costs. This must end.
  • Until reasonable and verifiable costs estimates are calculated and publicly reviewed and discussed, all contracts should be placed on hold. The legislators must demand this.







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