Michael Anton: Pessimistic Case For Future? Or Roadmap To Change Course?

27 Point Outline of Pessimistic Case for the Future, posted by Michael Anton on July 21, 2023:

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  1. Constitution All But Dead
  2. The Security State Has Been Weaponized To Punish Political Opponents
  3. We have two-tiered fake justice
  4. We Can’t Even Punish or Deter Normal Crime
  5. We Are So Blinded by Political Agendas The We Can’t Or Won’t Apply Obvious Solutions to Simple Problems
  6. We Prioritize “Diversity” Over Mission and Performance
  7. Our Military Is Incompetent and Doesn’t Win Wars
  8. Nothing Works Anymore
  9. People Are Corrupt
  10. Pop Culture Is Filth
  11. Christian and Bible Faith Is All But Dead
  12. Marriage and Other Social Bonds Withered Away. Deep friendships are rare.
  13. Birth Rates Have Cratered
  14. Young People Face Dim Prospects
  15. The Middle Class Has Been Hollowed Out
  16. Income and Wealth Inequality Are Off The Charts
  17. We’re Increasingly Owned and Governed By Foreigners
  18. Corporate Power is Greater Than In the ZPre-Anti-Trust era
  19. Our Economy Is Fake. No Connection between compensation and production
  20. Our Colleges have become evil
  21. K-12 Schools Teach Our Kids To Hate Themselves, Their Parents, and Their Country
  22. We Don’t Merely Tolerate, but Celebrate Anti-White Racism
  23. Insane Enthusiasms Like Transgenderisms Receive Little Pushback
  24. We Have No Social Cohesion
  25. The Ruling Class Hates The People
  26. Conservatism Is a Failure
  27. Our Civilization Has Lost The Will to Live

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