Microsoft “Bing News” Almost Always #1. Is Click Bait, or #2. Bashes A Republican, or #3. Promotes A Democrat.

Above:  Three top “news” stories posted to Microsoft “Bing News” at 9pm on Monday, October 11, 2021.

Tonight’s top three Microsoft Bing “News” posts are typical.  The post on upper right is “click bait”.  It is there to attract interest in the page and to generate income when visitors click the link.  The post on upper right bashes Donald Trump for doing in 1990’s before he was President what Bill Clinton did while President.  The media, including female reporters and Democratic Party officials at that time said Bill Clinton  was “cool”, “charming”, and “sexy”.  They never suggested then that his conduct diminished his performance as President.

The third lead post in its NATIONAL news, was that an obscure Republican state elected official in Arizona accidently referred to “Lois Lane” as “Louis Lane” in one of her “tweets”.

This is but one typical example of how mainstream “news” is nothing but thinly disguised propaganda for the radical “woke”, extreme left or socialist/communist “progressive” wing of the Democratic Party.  Highly significant statements, events or achievements that would win support or sympathy for Republicans, Christians, or conservative Americans are barely mentioned, or not reported at all.  Trivial or insignificant statements, events, or mistakes (such as accidentally posting “Louis Lane” instead of “Lois Lane” in a tweet are reported as headline news.

At the same time, highly significant statements, events, or major mistakes or failures by “woke” Democrats or their allies are minimized or not reported at all.  Trivial or insignificant events that make “woke” Democrats or their allies look good are built up into headline news.

Day after day, week after week, and month our “mainstream” media does exactly what Russian and Chinese agents do in their “ideological subversion” or “active measures” or  “psychological warfare” against enemies of Communist regimes. As former Russian agent Yuri Bezmenov warned in 1985, they “change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that in spite of the abundance of information no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, or their country”.

Click here for link to our previous post: Bezmenov: Here’s How We Take Over Countries Without War: 1-20 Years of “Demoralization”, 2-5 Years of “Destabilization”, then 6 Weeks of “Crisis”. – Liberty and Prosperity

As a lawyer, I am very familiar with how this works.  When members of a jury hear a case, they expect lawyers for each side to be biased.  They expect the lawyers to only present evidence that helps their case.  Jurors are specifically instructed to do critical thinking on their own to determine the truth.

However, members of the jury rarely do critical thinking when they get instructions from the judge.  They assume the judge has no interest in the case, and is telling them the whole truth.  If a judge is not impartial, and instead decides to help one side by giving biased, incomplete instructions, he will have enormous undue influence on how the jury perceives and decides the case.

For years, most Americans assumed the mainstream media was like a judge in a jury trial.  They assumed their mainstream TV networks and daily newspaper gave them a good faith summary of the most important events of the day.  It never occurred to them that a “trusted news source” would be as biased and dishonest as a politician running for office.  However, this is what the “mainstream” media is in America today.  Sadly, roughly half of Americans do not yet know this, and have a completely distorted perception of reality.

Democrats routinely claim that Republicans and conservatives are the ones “brainwashed” by the media.  They constantly point to Fox News as the source of “misinformation”.  However, it is Democrats who are most vulnerable to propaganda.  That is because Republicans and conservatives are saturated with leftist “news” every time we turn on TV or radio, go to a movie, or look at our phone.  We seek out conservative media to balance the radical left media that surrounds us.  However, Democrats make no effort to seek out non-traditional news sources.  That is because Democrats and other leftists falsely assume they are already getting a fair summary of important events from their “mainstream” sources.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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