More Lockdown Isn’t Safety. Back to Work Isn’t Death

This is how the hate-America, pro-socialist media and Democratic Party leaders and elected officials portrayed Americans who peacefully marched for their right to safely return to work after patiently complying with all guidelines during six weeks of lockdown.  The original announced goal of the lockdown was to “flatten the curve” and avoid a sudden surge of infections requiring intensive care that would overwhelm the health care system here as it did in Spain and Italy.  That goal was achieved two weeks earlier.

NJ Democratic Governor Phil Murphy specifically attacked Republican Jim Curcio, Surrogate of Atlantic County for a Facebook post urging the Governor to allow people in South Jersey to return to work.  These remarks were widely reported by mainstream media and Democrats on Facebook and Twitter.  None of them mentioned that Atlantic County, like most of South Jersey had very few COVID-19 cases–unlike the the six “hot spot” North Jersey counties in the Metro-New York City area.

The mainstream media and Democrats on social media used emotion, identity politics, and blatant lies to present this issue.  Through selective images and interviews and outright lies, they falsely presented those wanting to return to work as reckless white males “inspired by President Trump’s tweets” and organized by “the gun lobby” or other “right wing” groups.  Those wanting to return to work were falsely described as “anti-science” and compared to “climate change deniers”.   Democrats and some mainstream media even implied that those who wanted to return to work were racists by including reports that blacks and other minorities had higher death rates for coronavirus without suggesting how extension of the lockdown would change that.  Meanwhile, women, minorities, “health care professionals” and Democrats were portrayed being “reasonable” for wanting the lockdowns to continue.

Here are ten important facts they didn’t mention:

  1. New Jersey’s 6 weeks of harsh lockdown did NOT stop spread of coronavirus. It did not even flatten the curve.  The infection and death in our veteran & nursing homes began in late March, AFTER the lockdown. Most new cases still in the six Metro-New York counties of North Jersey.
  2. There has been no public debate or discussion on why first 6 weeks of lockdown in NJ failed to control a virus with a 14 day incubation period or why another 6 weeks would do better.
  3. Roughly half of New Jersey’s COVID-19 deaths are from veteran and nursing homes that got infected during the lockdown.
  4. During this time, nursing homes in both New York and New Jersey were ordered to admit COVID-19 infected patients—even though nursing homes were not then trained or equipped to contain the disease. Many nursing home employees have low incomes, rely on multiple jobs, take public transportation, and share housing with others who also work with elderly in health care. Yet state officials did little or nothing to screen, monitor, or train them until after many veteran and nursing homes were already infected.                                                                   Last weekend, NJ Attorney Gen Gurbir Grewal threatened to arrest Casey Jansen if he allowed customers to drive through his Cream Ridge, NJ farm to enjoy the beauty of these tulips.
  5. By April 21, NJ had issued roughly 1,700 citations to people who violated Governor Murphy’s stay-at-home orders. They included someone jogging on empty Ventnor Boardwalk at 6AM and someone reading a book in an empty lifeguard stand on an empty beach. The NJ Attorney General threatened a Cream Ridge tulip farmer with arrest if he allowed customers to drive their cars through his tulip fields to enjoy their beauty.   Did these orders and citations prevent a single case of coronavirus?
  6. Many of New Jersey homeless are infected and infecting others. Many of them use public transportation or beg for handouts at Wawa’s and food stores visited by everyone. Yet nothing is being done to have them tested or quarantined. On the contrary, government funds are moving them to suburban towns.
  7. Twelve of NJ’s 21 counties (including those south of Lakewood) have minimal COVID-19 infection. Yet Governor Murphy is treating them exactly the same has the 6 “hot spot” counties of Metro New York City.
  8. Hong Kong, Taiwan, & South Korea have had flat curves for weeks without lockdowns or shutdowns. They did it with common sense social distancing, masks, frequent hand-washing & temperature taking, and testing and isolation of everyone infected and in contact with those infected. We’ve had two months to learn from them. However, we are still not systematically contact tracing, testing, and isolating.
  9. Most hospital and food store employees have been safely working for more than a month.
  10. So far there is no evidence that another 6 weeks of lockdown would stop coronavirus better than first 6 weeks.

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